Ad: Hiring artist bi-monthly for Cumm Labs game

Starting March, 2022 and every other month after (i.e., March, then May, then July, etc) I’ll be commissioning an image to be worked on for Cumm Labs. The reason for this ad is simple: consistency.

The offer is pretty straight forward: Every two months, the hired artist will be paid $100 minimum for the commissioned artwork. It will feature the character in question, a complex background, fully colored and shaded. The pay may go up, as funds allow, when 2 or more characters are involved, based on our negotiation.

The expected turn-around for each image is no more than 8 weeks (or 2 months), when the next piece will be discussed and paid for.

The expectations for the art content will be as follows:

  • All characters will be taken as, and depicted to be, over 18.

  • All characters in question are human.

  • As the game does, all artwork will be depicted as being consensual.

  • The kink and fetish content will be:
    – Weight gain; blob sizes of various degrees
    – Cum inflation (belly expansion)
    – Weight-gain from cumflation
    – Female-focused expansion and weight gain
    – Depictions of feederism, sex, and male counter-parts
    – (Negotiable) Penis and testicles will be intermittently presented in the artwork when and where needed as the story dictates.

  • Sketch phase with feedback for changes as needed (and I will strive to do my best for references so I don’t nit pick!)

  • (Optional) Art progression is always welcome after the sketch phase!

All artwork commissioned for the game will be exclusive to our respective Patreon sites (mine and, if they desire, the artist’s) until the next game update is published.

Interested? You may contact me on here, Patreon, DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Twitter, or if we share a server, in Discord (just don’t send a friend request unsolicited, please).


Update: the position has been filled!