Adephagia's Wrath (Dead Project)

Oh, im on it!, MEGA it is!

Thank you ill look forward to it when ill downloaded it :smiley:

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Seems insteresing, i’ll look forward to this game

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I found a bug if you enter that house you get stuck in the wall and you can only move in the walls

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shit lemme fix that real quick

No worries take your time

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Found a bug where you stay locked in place if you enter the Trinine Blacksmith building.


As per community guidelines, please don’t request updates and such. The creator will update when they are ready.
If there’s no words, just be patient.

My pc is down atm, i am unable to work on this for a bit

o ok i apoligize for asking

Love the sprites, these are literally some of the most unique and visually pleasing sprites I have seen. Also and wouldn’t mind being a occasional bug tester. The house with the mute girl ladder broke and I got stuck outside of the map boundary. Same issue happened in the armor shop and bar basement. Also the second house event’s triggered without warning, but hey 10 silver lol.

Out of curiosity, where is the witch or the ruins, or what have you? Been wandering around for a bit, and haven’t found a thing.

I honestly cant remember if i implemented that part into the game in the public version, i lost all the project files in an unintended deletion.

can anyone reupload the latest windows download? The MEGA is down…

I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope whatever happened, you got to keep your important files at least! :pray:

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All the files were deleted from my documents folder so its all gone ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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That sucks hardcore. Well, at least we’ll see what we get with your new project. You should look into a back up though, just in case!