Adephagia's Wrath (Dead Project)

(update added LOTS, including a fatten-able witch and some music and sounds!) (update brings indoor design changes plus more patches)
Mac:File on MEGA
Win:File on MEGA
(11-24-22: Lost all the project files, project is dead but i am working on another rpgmaker MV game.)'s Wrath mac + windows (Cancelled in place of new project) by Abusiveabe


Importing itself is very easy, do you have the sprites already made?

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If your using RPG maker, go to the main directory of the game.
Inside, you should have a list of the various folders.
For character sprites, click “img” and then “character”
Copy paste the sprites into there, and they can be used.

However, they need to be a certain size or else RPG Maker won’t recognise them properly.
For reference, use the default ones for their measures to get an idea of how big you need to make the sprites.

Hope this helps!


Post asap so we could test it for any bugs.

P.s. Spoonkid?

i dont, is there any templates for fat sprites?

oh alright, and huh?, spoonkid?

Unnamed Stuffing RPG’s Discord has a channel for RPG-Maker templates. Discord should work I think.


whats the certain size of pixels?, 600 x 650?

for normal sprites, they work on a 3 across, 4 down. for each of their directional movement.
usually its 48x48 per sprite.

you can make them bigger than that, just make sure that they are equal so when you import them into RPG Maker, it doesn’t cut them randomly.
For different pages that are bigger, you need to a $ (the dollar sign) to the front of the image file name.

This may sound really weird and confusing. So I would recommend looking up a few videos on youtube that can explain it easier and with pictures/video to get a better understanding of it.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy to be honest.


3x4 sprite sheets need to start with a $ in the filename.

its not working unfortunately, any idea how i could get it to work?

If you don’t mind me asking, can you send a screenshot of what’s happening?

Keep scrolling down. It’s in alphabetical order. So it’d be past $bigmonster2

image nothing past bigmonster2

Did you a $ before the name of the sprite sheet?

If you did, close rpg maker and reopen.

i figured it out!, sorry for wasting your time guys twt

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i hope everything goes well for you with your game it sounds like a epic quest of gaining

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Welp i cant download it need to upgrade to premium that costs 30 euros bit to much.
Maybe try something other to download instead of mediafire?

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mega or zippyshare should let us download it without any problems so those two would be useful to upload to

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