Ai chat character, (office worker )


If you like cave duck or want more points use this link, I get points to make more characters and you get 1000 which is plenty to make your own or experience other chats.

This is natasha, a co worker who you are very close with, she is a little shy but opens up with you and has a secret fetish she tells you after a discussion, will you help her enjoy her fetish?

This is my first and depending on how bad people think it is, could be my last, I’m not gonna flood the project board with ai posts. If I do make more, it’s going to be under this unless a topic dedicated to this is created


This one is more of a challenge, I tried to make it so you need to convince her more but the outcome should be a lot better

I’m sorry but this one is ap personal fantasy of mine and I think others to, a punk rocker

Also if you use this link to sign up you get an additional 1000 points bringing your total to 1,400, you just need an email not associated with cave duck

A researcher creating medicine for the future has an accident in the lab, maybe she will also see the world at new heights

This one I spent way too much time on, soo many pictures and story wise I think most realistic and enjoyable

This is for people who enjoy the mukbang trend

An ex idol after suffering a near fatal fall has an electrical device implanted in her to keep her alive, but it malfunctions allowing others to control her

I’ve trued adding stuffing scenes, weighing scenes and late night snack scenes among others, ask her about her weight, her clothes ask to touch and maybe check if she’s in the bathroom

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I’m working on to get a character what’s like natasha and Ashley, if there’s any anything you wish the character to be, as what she looks likes, wears, her desires and personality I can add it if it fits well together

A woman who struggles to gain and lose weight needs your help

Emily | Caveduck

she attempted to end your life and now you give her 3 options, which does she chose

You her guard and ariel are on the run from the royal palace, she wants to enjoy freedom and trusts you to lead the way

This has a rpg theme, level up, add desires,traits, buffs, debuffs etc. Change her fashion sense, fetishes etc, just remember to level up

A tinkerer who will see your fantasy come to life

This my attempt of hidden hypnosis, the character shouldn’t notice what’s happened and it’s up to you either watch it play out, encourage her or help her stop

i hope this works but there should be 2 routes, one for yes and one for no

Kazu | Caveduck

By using this you get more points and I get some so I can get better images for the characters as sometimes you end up with 3 arms a lot.

Im got another 3 ideas in the work will post later, just working how to get the world to work in that way