AI Dungeon new update world possibilities

The AI Dungeon has recently released a new update which allows the players to create their own worlds and this creates the possibility of many types of possibilities including weight gain worlds now I’ve used this app a lot so I’ve found that sometimes the AI gets homophobic and fat phobic but if enough worlds are made for these types of things the AI might just change the thought process. Anyways I’m just curious if anyone would like to make a world on it.

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I think we’ve discussed this on the main AI dungeon thread, not much ever came of it.

That’s too bad I feel like the create your own worlds option would have had more people interested

I suppose asking an AI to give us specific fetish content without going off the rails is rather difficult, considering the sheer amount other text it pulls from.

I’ll admit that was my biggest complaint with AI dungeon. It seems like a person has to work very hard to keep the ai on track, honestly to a rather absurd degree.

In the end, I’d rather put that degree of work into a story or what have you, rather then try to make that program try to say the right thing without needing me to correct it just flippin’ once.

Also, didn’t they start charging for the program not too long ago, or did I misinterpret something?

Locking this thread as we already have a thread for AI dungeon: Ai Dungeon. A somewhat infinite text based game.