Ai Dungeon. A somewhat infinite text based game.

Hi, I’m a former lurker, and I’m here to mention AI dungeon.

It’s a text based roleplay, where the gm is a self learning ai.

It’s essentailly a specialised chatbot, so don’t set expectations too high.

AI dungeon 2 is the one you want, it’s a mobile app. You can put in any action as an input, but it should start with a verb.

You’ll start with some story prests, fantasy, mystery, apocolypse, etc. It works best with fantasy, and the custom starting prompt is the most likely to break down into nonsense.

It’s not meant for fetish roleplay, obviously, but when I was messing around derailing stories for fun, I noticed it recovers the best when derailed into erotica… I guess it’s been given a lot of experience there?

Some suggestions:

  • Use Fantasy, it’s the least likely to break.
  • Start as a wizard, it gives you a lot of power while helping the ai to not dissolve into illogical flailing (ie. I cast a spell to: transform into a woman, teleport air into the person’s stomach.)
  • Remember that you are more powerful than the AI. You can say “I suddenly notice a person with xyz characteristcs” and the AI will roll with it. Keep in mind it won’t have much reason to bring up most of these details.
  • The AI will try and drop story hooks. Just deal with the offending quest giver by… I dunno, stabbing them, telling them to go away… vore, if you’d like.
  • If a result comes up that you don’t like, input “/revert” to reverse the last prompt and type in something new or type the same thing in as before. It will give you something new.

PS, I experimented a bit. It’s not too great with stuffing, but I tried breast expansion and that was fine. I think WG was ok too.


very cool

I switched to this from the Replika AI app. I think they use the same AI systems but this one has a shell for role playing/dungeon crawling specifically.

Agree that the wizard is the most fun.
I like to summon familiars to feed or “test” new spells/discovered magical items.

I’ve had mostly disappointing results with the AI. I’ve been wondering how difficult it would be to give it a different or new set of documents to train, or if it was like my experience with NLP, where you had to carefully tweak the algorithm and structures to deal with the dataset you are using. Like, maybe using the vast weight gain libraries available on the various feedist sites. Any machine learning experts out there that know something in depth about the architecture of this AI?

I played with this a bit a few weeks ago. Be a wizard and try a “hunger spell” on your targets. You get some good text that way. Had a good story about my character meeting and elf girl, casting a hunger spell on her and going to a pub to get her something to eat, ended up getting text like “her stomach growled” and “she couldn’t help but eat everything placed in front of her”
It really can’t do size descriptions though, especially for bellies.

Custom story works well, but you need to be both specific yet simple with your descriptions.

Sometimes player inputs result in very unexpect things (which is usually good, but sometimes bad and surprising).

A weird feature is how AI decides to skip through days, weeks or years in-game.
Weird, but I don’t think it has any effect on the game.

Right now the best way to play this on PC is here:

I tried this briefly, got mad at my early nonsense responses- something like

I enter the inn
“I’m just doing what I’m told” “No.” “well I don’t want to see up your skirt”

And unfortunately the bot just sort of craps out stuff like that, especially when it gets into dialogue.

However, I got bored, gave it another try and I’m really glad I did. Some highlights were:

*Finding a muscular gnoll sleeping under a tree, tying him up with rope, forcefeeding him cake, then cuddling, kissing, and boinking.
*Getting attacked by some villager, killed my attacker, got chased by a mob, when a witch appeared and punished me by casting a hunger spell and putting me in a room of infinite cookies. It was actually pretty good- she jiggled my sides, told me I was too weak to move, and called me a fat-ass thief.
*The king of the realm- the bot named him Hekatankor- seized me and cursed me to eat any food I laid eyes upon. He sent me away to another kingdom where I was caught after destroying a bakery.

All of these were from the fantasy-rogue start if that matters.


Is that AI Dungeon 2 or just the first one?
I thought 2 only worked if you DL the files and compiled it.

When it first came out the servers got overloaded, so you had to download the drive files yourself. Someone made an uncensored patch and put the version up. That was like a month ago on /d/ though.
Edit2: Make a copy of it first and start that one.
Scroll to the bottom to get it working, first make it download all 5gb files and then run it (the last two cells).
Edit: You run cells by clicking in the two brackets at the top left of a block. Run the first and wait till it’s done, then run the second and play.

Custom prompts work pretty well, though you should follow some guidelines, most of which are outlined in the link as well.

  • start actions directly, like “do the thing” or “lick the door”. The “AI” assumes second person automatically and get’s confused otherwise. I thing if you start with first person it thinks dialog
  • Remind the “AI” about the what’s going on. It only recognises the few most recent of your inputs and the prompt.
  • Describe everything important in the prompt.
  • If it starts outputting garbage or the direction changes, type /restart and rate it

I should also mention, since the servers are down it’s not really an AI, but just a huge collection of writing prompts, so it can’t get new stuff or evolve. Just play with a bunch of prompts. At least that was the case a month ago, dunno if that changed by now, haven’t had the chance to check on /d/.

Btw. most feeder stuff does work, but without great descriptions. I once asked the AI to weigh my character, and the numbers got progressively higher. Other times it does the opposite though.
The thing to remember is, this is not really a game or a story. It doesn’t have set values and it doesn’t track scores. It’s just a bunch of writing prompts based on what you typed in, something random, your prompt and what it previously did. It has no object permanence in the real sense and doesn’t get concepts like causality at all.

Still pretty great though :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably not. When I said “best” I really meant “most convenient”.

you know this seems really interesting, but does anyone else get kind of weirded out at using AI based programs for kink and fetish stuff?

Generally i try and reuse names instead of pronouns to remind the ai who’s there. Objects can be pulled out of nowhere no problem, so consistency there is up to you

Thanks you for telling about that game ! It is beautiful. I played around 5 hours in it already. For me (a guy with really good imagination) this game feels like infinite sourse of material to play with. Yeah it isn’t perfect, sometimes to achieve the desired result i had to restart and use “/revert” many times . But when you succeed it is worth it.
Here screenshot of kinda dark but satisfying ending.

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In the most recent update for ai dungeon ( 3 days old I think) it is now possible to explore stories created by others, has somebody found something interesting?

Going of what @Sekeis said, did anybody here make any stories or adventures that they’d like to share?

Close enough.
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This game made me stab my mother once and have sex with her afterwards. Thank god /revert exists

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there are some good prompts if you search WG, feedee/feeder, etc.

however, one started with immediately getting my head stomped by a character. THAT was a restart.

This is what I think kitsune was referring to in terms of guidelines on how to manage the game; some might be specific to ‘clover edition’ but most are helpful in general

Tried this a few weeks ago, but didn’t realize there was now an app for it. The ability to search for other’s stories and prompts is a very nice feature, so I’ll definitely try it out some more.