AI Dungeon Scenario thread

So we have a thread about AI dungeon here: Ai Dungeon. A somewhat infinite text based game.

But i figured it would be good to have a thread where we can share created scenarios.

Here is one i made and have been using that seems to work pretty well. Its kind of a sandbox. But the conceit is that you live in a world where bellies and weight gain have become popular. You are a professional feeder who gets paid to convince people to get fat, and gets paid to help then get fat. Using Dragon model i usually get some pretty great results right off the bat.

Justaterrestrial’s Feeder Agency:


I once took the concept of a planet that is made of high calorie food and made it so you are a explorer who finds a human colony that has lived there for years and gotten use to the force feeding monsters and obesity epidemic.
Also a school where a drug is being put into the food so all the students produce milk but then grow fat from drinking the milk they produce ended well but the AI got quite confused on what was going on at the very end just after doing some great WG descriptions.


it doesn’t do endings well lol


Did you include any scripting? I was looking into scenarios and saw that option but wasn’t sure if it’s even worth it.

I have not touched that at all

Honestly I’m a little confused by the scripting, I can’t actually tell what it’s for or what things it adds.

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What’s the name of the story? It sounds great, or is there a link to it?

As far as I know, sharing stories isn’t a thing since they started trying to move their image away from fetish porn.
More so, I’v deleted all those older stories after I got blocked for a bit. Got my account back though.

My idea for an AI Dungeon scenario is this: You’re a human male/female (your choice of gender) with a very special and immortal-like ability to, whenever you explode from eating too much or being overinflated, respawn indefinitely on the ground where the explosion happened, almost like a video game character. Also, you’re in a testing facility room, which is way bigger than most to give your character more room to grow, where machines provide you with your choice of either experimental blueberry gum or blueberry soda, an endless (literally) buffet, a canister with an endless supply of compressed air or helium, or a special bean that causes a special chemical reaction in the consumer’s intestines (if you’re into gassy characters, that is). And each time you respawn, your limit increases, meaning you can take more and more every time you pop.

Weight gain
Air/Helium Inflation
Blueberry Inflation
Gas/Slob (toggleable)

Unfortunately, it’s not happening due to AI Dungeon straying away from stuff like fetishes.

AI dungeon doesn’t stay away from fetishes. It hasn’t been trained on WG stuff, and in general the AI doesnt handle fixed numbers well(like changing weight/sizes) but with the right tool you can absolutely get it to play along with fetishes.