Airo University (Redevelopment started: What's to come 3)

Got a sudden burst of inspiration the other night and coded the project for about 4-5 hours. Have a lot of new ideas I thought I’d post here just to keep you all updated and as proof that I am still working on it.

###New minigame###
So when coding the town I decided there should be some restaurants there. But like, just going to a restaurant ordering food and a text box describing what you did is boring. So I made it a game.
Restaurants serve as a way to increase your maximum stomach capacity. You’ll order food, then have to eat it all in a limited amount of time. You’ll have actions available like rubbing your belly or burping to allow you to eat more. If you eat enough in the time limit, you win!
There’s an explanation in game. I thought this would add a way to make you be able to handle more food faster, plus its a fun little game you can play.

###Another new stat: Tipsiness###
While I’m sure some superhuman out there can slam about 5 bottles of wine and come out alive, you can’t because you’re a student. Alcohol consumption can now add to your tipsiness stat, with various benefits and drawbacks.
Just like in real life, alcohol is not generally the healthiest thing. Consuming too much can lead to penalties like lowering your health stat, throwing up, embarrassing yourself and other not fun things.
But it’s not all bad, also like in real life, being drunk can make you think of certain… things, more. While you may originally be more avoidant about weight gain, stuffing and other things like that. Consuming alcohol can have you throw your caution to the wind. In other words, you will be more likely to trigger events that have to do with stuffing yourself or eating more, PROVIDED you know you are considering it. Sound a bit confusing? Well let me explain.

###Willingness to gain###
Your character, like all of us, didn’t originally know they were into this. There is a little hidden stat in game that represents your character’s willingness to gain weight. This starts very low obviously, but it increases based on certain things. I won’t spoil them all, but a few examples are: Gaining weight, interactions with other characters and “research” online. As this stat increases, you will be more willing to gain weight, and may do things like grab more food or suddenly be able to eat more. If the stat is high enough AND you’re tipsy? Well then you might just go wild.

Of course, some of you might not want to have to build up your willingness to gain weight, which is why you can increase it SLIGHTLY at the start by choosing a specific background.

###Character background###
At the start of the game you’ll now be prompted to select a background. I won’t list them all here, but they have minor effects in game. You might have more money, or higher stats. Maybe you’ll start a bit chunkier, or already be interested in weight gain. The choice is yours (provided I’ve added it as a valid choice).

Yeah that’s all for now. No promises on when it’ll be released. I’d rather have this as a project I put time into every now and then and then release it in a good state rather than just throwing it out there when it’s half built. If you’re interested in my project then feel free to leave ideas in the comments. Maybe you’ve thought of something I haven’t. Or maybe you don’t like one of these new features. I’d be interested to know so I know where to take development next.

Another recap for those of you new to the project:
Manage your life as a new student at a university.
Track your performance in your subjects to help secure a successful future.
Manage your weight as you “expand” into a new life.
Several NPCs with relationships and personal stories

All feedback and new ideas are greatly appreciated


Awesome can’t wait for the new version of the game.


Well, for all you could post a summary of what the game is about for all to see. :slight_smile:
Also, I’ve restarted my project’s code 3X, so no shame, my dude. Hopefully all goes well!

You say “Fitness to minimise the drawbacks of your newfound bulk”
I hear “speed run to immobility”

Jokeing aside, Yes I’m intresed in seeing this, and I think it will give the game replayability.
As you can go for example; pure fat, pure fitness, and bearmode runs.


is there a link im not seeing somewhere?

If you mean a link to the game, not yet. It’s still being developed. The original is still available however I’m not linking to it here as this thread discusses the remade version.


Would like to see the characters describe their gains more. The more detail the better like when she is looking into the mirror and all. If there were art as well that would be fantastic


Hey all, thought I should give you a quick update on the situation

Yeah the game is still being developed, Uni is just taking up a lot more time than I thought it would, so this game has REALLY been on the backburner. I haven’t been putting as much time into it as I or more likely you all would like.

That coupled with more personal issues because life just loves to screw me over at every turn has led to more than a few delays.

Fortunately the new year has started, and with a new year comes a new term, and a new schedule. So fingers crossed I’ll be able to pump more hours into this.

Wish I could say more than that like “And here’s 5000 teasers of what’s to come” but I really can’t, sorry. Hopefully if I find more time to work on this I can give more regular updates. But for now just know that I am still putting time into this, just not a lot.