An idea, maybe (idea)

Gonna preface this by saying I’m not a game dev, this is an idea to anyone willing to take it up.
So, one of the notably things I’ve seen is stuff like Gain of Life and Weighting Game. Both of which it’s pretty obvious what happens, you make these decisions that directly lead to you/someone else getting fatter. Such as eating, specifically in Weighting Game.
I propose a scenario where you are the one fattened, as in you’re choices might cause your or a friend’s weight gain but it’s the friends causing it.
So for example, you can eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner but they don’t effect your weight too much. However, you have friends that will call you or that you can visit that will take you out to do stuff. That will either purposely or indirectly lead to weight gain. The influence you have is picking who to go with and maybe they’ll ask you what you can go and do.
Through this you’d have several different friends, one of which IS trying to fatten you up while another might try and help you exercise, and another might be a major foodie that accidentally causes the both of you to over-eat. The point is you won’t be able to directly tell who is trying to fatten you up and there are only hints. If you get high enough relationship with said people they may tell you, or may start to fatten up themselves. Basically, a relationship sim. That’s all, hope someone may pick this up.


Casually points at my own game Tramp. Though I’d love to see another take on this scenario!

Have played it, enjoy it. Just not exactly aligned with this idea. Much of the diet choice comes from yourself in that, and while yes people influence you in Tramp, this idea is more the main focus is that influence.