An Incremental Sushi Game

Its a clicker/idle/incremental game, there are three views , the floor, the kitchen and the ocean, shift through hem and upgrade to run an ultra efficient conveyor sushi place.

The floor view has no gameplay and is solely for viewing, your customers who are all for some reason girls will take a seat and gorge themselves on your eventually endless sushi supply.

The kitchen view which can be very barely upgraded with more stations is where all the fish is processed, you can watch the little guys cook in there if you feel too.

the ocean view allows you to play the main incremental game simply click to fish, in time you will be able to offload even that task onto workers through the upgrade menu.

left click - interact
right click - menu (where applicable)

Play/Download here: Incremental Eatery by Omega-8 Fatty Acid
Note to staff: the game jam version is the downloadable version, the browser version will be post-jam updated)

I recommend pushing to at least level 6 to see all of the prototypes content.

Unfinished content:
Brizo - its maxed always cuz it does nothing
yes the backgrounds of kitchen and eating area are scribbles


Got this at the Holy Mackerel fight (P.S even if you don’t win the jam, i would love to see a weight gain idle clicker ala Spiral Clicker, hopefully with some actual weight gain)


It’d be nice to be able to see the bellies behind the counter, if possible.


The girls at the counter were meant to have a few more sprites and animations but ran out of time, ideally they would rise when done eating and walk off screen to show off the body more.


Might be fixed now and yeah no wg in this ver, that one encounter which you can feed was meant to gain weight but ran out of time.

(forums bugging out soory for spam)

Feeding time is perpetual on my side. Not sure if it’s supposed to be an infinite loop of mermaid after mermaid with no food to feed it. Not to mention, if you don’t click while the holy mackerel is on screen, it doesn’t disappear at timer 0. Otherwise, It was like any other clicker. A nonmicromanagement game that I always overthink. Decently good.

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Game crashed during the boss fight. Disappointing that there’s no actual WG but the concept and design are honestly fun.
I like :).

ok boss error should actually be fixed now and the mermaid will now not loop since her encounter rate should reset after she leaves now.

I’ll also leave a tip, the mermaid eats sometihng called chum, its a byproduct sometimes created whenever you defeat fish and send it to your butchers, so upgrading the butcher count and killing a bunch of fish will build up chum for when she appears, she’ll keep growing for up to like 120ish chum.

The mermaid encounters were originally supposed to track how much you feed her and she would return fatter every time, but didn’t get to do that so you can only bloat her sorry :woman_shrugging:t6:

(Also if your really curious about the girls peek in the asset folders for their full body art)

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Download is missing/page is broken?

should be there now, forgot to save

(turns out duration bug is not fixed and submissions are closed so no more patches, so to avoid it try not to be clicking like crazy at the end of the bosses timer)

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As a big fan of clicker games this is really appealing to me. This has a lot of potential and I’d really love to see it expanded on, what’s here is already really nice. The art quality is really good, and the premise is a lot of fun.


Love the concept, gameplay is mostly good

  • Holy mackerel is miserable, fisherman buddy is way too slow
  • Just a miserably slow pace
  • First girl at the front of house always eats the sushi, so I never got to see the other 4 girls eat, they just sat there silently forever
  • Game crashed after I ran out of stuff to feed the mermaid

With polish and some rebalancing i can see this being my favorite game out of the Jam this year, I really dig the style and intent with the mechanics.

I hope work continues after the jam!

Just played again and the mermaid is also still broken, tomorrow i might start on post-jam ver


Not a bad little game, though I understand clicker games tend to be a bit slow, I think this one was just a little too click intensive for me. I got a little bored and wasn’t aware of the mermaid fight, so I missed out on it. That said, the idea has a really solid foundation in terms of the game as a whole concept! The girls were absolutely adorable, I just wish they hadn’t been hidden behind the counter! You had mentioned they would get up and walk away in a more complete version but as someone who likes seeing every growth stage in this type of game I honestly would have preferred a see though counter (or the sushi to be dropped from pipes in the ceiling or something lol)

What the game lacked was payoff (perhaps an odd concept in a clicker) but when I noted that the girls weren’t going to get any bigger (I wondered if their max capacity would go up over time) I felt that I had nothing more to see — Not usually an issue but given that clickers tend to feel infinite, I didn’t fancy doing all that clicking on the off chance there was more to the game. (I’m glad you mentioned the character art folder so I got to see the mermaid!)

Well done regardless, it was a tough jam to enter and you made a good game! Best of luck!

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I don’t really wanna redo the whole customer scene so maybe ill just raise em up a bit (in their seats), even if it looks a bit off.

I also agree with the pacing being bad as i spent so much time on coding and little on the actual balance, originally there was more upgrades and it got ridiculous, but in retrospect thats what i think most clickers aim for, so I’ll tweak the upgrades to be more incremental as the should.

Here’s a earlier clip with upgraded autofishing:

I think the kitchen guys are a bit of a bottleneck as you progress so i plan to get more upgrades on em, filling out the kitchen was just a bit of a bandaid to try to get around that


As long as you perhaps turn down the clicking sound, that looks pretty good to me XD — Don’t fancy listening to the fishermen fishing with powerdrills in the endgame XD

there is nothing after feeding the mermaid?
because I do not know if it is a bug but after reaching 0 it does not disappear

yea, the mermaid should be the last new encounter in the jam version

Is there any way to save my game? The right-click menu got stuck open and I couldn’t progress anymore and now I have to start again :frowning: