An old game I used to play..

I’ve been trying to find any shred of this old game I played maybe, a year or three ago.

I cannot remember the title, but you were a girl living with your uncle Dave?
Some D name.
It was a text based game, and had random events like, girlscouts and him going out of town, or helping him with chores.
If anyone has any notes, let me know!

Sorry if I uploaded this wrong, I just officially joined today! :frowning:

Pretty sure you’re talking about Gaining Perspective

Gaining Perspective?

Yep! Thank you so much, I mixed up that title for something else I used to play - sorry for the dumb short question. Although, thanks for linking it!

Haha - yeah that’s the one! Sorry I couldn’t remember, I mixed it up with some other game.
Thanks a bundle

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Np. By the way, welcome to Weight Gaming!

Thank you! I’ve seen a bit of your posts, I wanted to try some, but I’m stuck on my mobile for awhile, and it bugs a lot

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Glad you were able to find my weird game again. XD