Android game "Fat 2 Fit"

I was inspired by the Body Race thread to make a post about a different shovelware-but-relevant-to-our-interests game that I found a few days ago.

It’s a simple non-infinite autorunner where your only control is sliding the character left or right on a path, collecting or avoiding burgers or cucumbers which respectively cause weight gain and weight loss.

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Generally speaking, if the character is too fat, you will fail to cross most obstacles, but some, like balance bars and glass climbing walls, either don’t have a weight limit or will open an alternate path if you’re too heavy. When you cross the finish line, there’s a kind of bonus zone where you sprint to the end and have to collect cucumbers to make it all the way… but, as of now there’s no progression system, no unlocks or rewards or anything, you’ll always go to the next level once you’ve reached the end, so there’s nothing stopping you from just grabbing the big burger that’s usually right next to the end of the bonus.

Ads are frequent, but generally skippable after only 5 seconds. The game is kinda hot garbage, but in my opinion it is hot garbage, if you catch my meaning.


Hey thanks for sharing! Yeah these games are pretty low quality, but hey they’re pretty fun for a mobile game 🤷

I have this, Game’s not great but the character’s growth is pretty good.

This definitely makes me want a fit to fat, where the obstacles are instead you needing to get fatter to smash through walls or ignore rapid fire balls or something XD


Well, speak of the devil. There are now coins you can earn, in small amounts from eating both cucumbers and burgers, and in large amounts by reaching the end of the level (and of course, better rewards the further you get in the bonus zone, which was something I was glad wasn’t in before), which can also be multiplied by watching a full-length ad. There doesn’t seem to be anything to actually do with those coins yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this game is about to plummet into microtransaction hell.


The game has gotten a few updates since the initial post. Now the character doesn’t get winded at the finish line and instead it’s now an obstacle course where you have to eat burgers and cucumbers at the right time.

Also more importantly there are new skins! Only one new female skin but for male WG enthusiasts there are now two male skins


Fat Robot, FAT ROBOT!! :heart:

An unexpected but very welcome addition!

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They’ve since added 3 new skins: A punk female, a Luchador male & a person in a shark costume. By this we can assume that whenever they add new skins they will always add 1 female, 1 male & 1 silly.


here’s my play of it :slight_smile: