Angelic Weight Gain Game

Not a jam submission, since I started work on it a little while before the event and used some comissioned artwork (even if it technically fits the theme). Even so, I’m very happy to introduce: 3rd Circle. A text adventure where you play as an angel sent on a mission in Hell and you either help her resist the temptations there or help her indulge herself to the max.

It’s a pretty short game once you know what you’re doing, so I’ll hold out on putting out a guide for a few days.

I hope you all enjoy :smile:.

Update: I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for giving this game over 5000 plays and another thanks to ExtraBaggageClaim for his amazing artwork.


Interesting concept, and decently written. I found an oversight I figured you’d want to know about: if you drink the black wine until blacking out it doesn’t get rid of the wine, so you can do that unlimited times, growing larger each time.

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Thanks for catching that :smile:. That glitch should be fixed now.

how do I get past the eyeless guard?

How do you get pass the spider? Tried using staff, tree, bucket? Nothing works.

I also got as far as the eyeless guard before getting stuck. I’m not personally a fan of needing to type out commands, but up until the eyeless guard at least none of the commands needed to be guessed at. And I’m sure I’m just missing something obvious on that floor.

Overall though this game has a real nice concept. Really appreciate one of these text adventures that can flesh out a world without going on for walls upon walls of text.

So I can’t figure out what to do on the second floor, in the Dorms. I can’t figure out how to interact with the Bookish Demon nor Maxxie, I swear I’ve tried just using just about every item in my inventory and nothing happens. Am I missing something?

I already went back downstairs to the Torment Sphere too.

Gotta turn up the boombox

I’m not personally a fan of needing to type out commands

Sorry about that. I ran into an issue where some puzzles basically solved themselves if the commands showed up in the menu. I might need to rethink which ones do/don’t show up though.

As for the eyeless guard, you need to shake the plant from the zoo to disguise your voice, give her the skeleton hand from the trash to pass it off as your own and then give her crown from the black statue.

How did you get to the second floor?

I’m pretty sure looking unlocking what’s inside the trash can, and opening the trashcan to get the hand is a mistake

Managed to get the crown on one run but when i tried to go for a lower weight run can’t get past the the dogs again, aha well

Could you atleast give me a hint on how you’re supposed to deal with the dogs?

The trashcan opening was a mistake, but looking at it to see what’s inside wasn’t.

I only just fixed the puzzle associated with the crown. Before then you could just take it.

For a hint, give it something to chew on.

Okay so I managed to beat the game now, but I’m left wondering if I missed anything. If there were any other ways to gain even more weight or any secret events that I just missed.

Like if there’s something you can do with the broken statue, or the big fancy sofa, or the creature in the medium cage, or with the tiny dragon.

how did you finish it ? I don’t pass from the first floor

Take the bucket inside of the giant cage, fill it with water and throw it on the spider demon

Also just beat it, never found a use for the party hat, the porcelain head, or the apple core either.

Very cute ending though :3

How do I fill it with water? I already opened the tap and do not want to fill the bucket

You have to type out “use bucket on tap”

He says I can’t use it

Thanks :smile:. Those items are all pretty much just set dressing.