Anna's Wedding

I’ve just published an interactive weight gain game on and would love to know what you guys think. Here’s the link and the description:

"You are Anna, a young woman about to experience the happiest day of her life as you get married to the man of your dreams. You’ve always struggled with your self-esteem and have been unable to control your weight since you got engaged, but you’re determined to avoid over-indulging on junk food on your big day. However, your lack of will-power is likely to get you into trouble!

Choose either to attempt to resist your gluttony as the day goes on, or to embrace it, and shape how your married life will turn out in the end through the choices you make. Seemingly minor decisions could turn out to have BIG consequences for you!"

Here’s a list of features which I believe makes this a rewarding game to play for FAs:

  • Anna’s weight is dynamic. What that means is that the more food you have her eat, the bigger the number will be when you step on the game world’s many weighing scales, and the more gluttonous will be the habits you instil in her for the future.

  • There are dozens of different clothing items for you to interact with, of all different sizes. Some will fit, but many will be too tight! A few may even be too big…

  • There are multiple outcomes for the ending both in terms of plot and (obviously) in terms of Anna’s weight, and lots of little bonus items that will appear in the final few rooms depending on how well you stuff Anna.

I will apologise at this point for all the Limey lingo and for using British clothing sizes. I am British, so it would be dishonest for me to do anything else! As a rule of thumb, the number for dress size is always 4 up from the US equivalent - i.e. a US Size 12 is a UK Size 16.

There is also a decent amount of humiliation in store for Anna, so if that isn’t your thing then you might want to give this a miss.

So in short, what I’d love to hear is feedback, which you could provide either by DM or (preferably) in this thread. Let me know if you spot any glitches or programming errors, or get stuck. If you’re struggling to unlock all the unlockables, I may be able to provide some hints… And above all let me know how fat you manage to make Anna! The challenge is on :slight_smile:

From what I’ve played so far I can see this is going to be VERY good. That said, I’ve either hit a roadblock pretty quickly or I’ve hit the end of what content is in this, although you made it sound like there was more to it. Basically after mom says to get a flower I have to get some meds before I can go out, but I gotta get sister out of the bathroom, which is where I’m stuck at.

inb4 its really fucking obvious what to do next

Thank you for the compliment :slight_smile: Anna’s sister does seem to be hogging the bathroom, but there might very well be something in the drawer in her room that could persuade her to vacate if you have it in your possession…

Do let me know the ending you got (maybe in a DM so as not to give spoilers to anybody else lol) and let me know if you get stuck again :slight_smile:

You did this game really well :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: how big did you manage to get her?

hot bed 8)

though the epilogue part felt somehow unnecessary; like a fifth wheel

I got dress-runied ending

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

The epilogue is really to gauge how you do in your quest to have Anna stuff herself as full as possible - so basically, what’s in her apartment and her final weight depends on how much you eat in the main game. So it’s really a scoreboard as well as an extra story bit :slight_smile:

320 pounds :smiley:

Well done! However, there are actually ways to get her even fatter than that if you’re interested in knowing…

Tell us how.

Check your DMs :slight_smile: I’m wary of offering too many spoilers to people who haven’t played yet

awesome game, I love it I got her to 350 pounds :wink:

pretty good game! I only got her to 320 though; I ran through it a couple more times and I can’t seem to notice anything different. spoiler?

Very well done! But there’s still the option to get her even bigger…

Check your PMs :slight_smile:

350 is about my limit, too, and I’m not sure what else I can do, or if there’s an order. I can see something that might happen in one of the rooms, at some point, but the game declares it “locked” and I don’t have a key or another tool.

I also want the spoilers for more than 350!

Sent you both a PM :slight_smile:

I am interested to know as well! I actually set up an account just to ask haha.