Anna's Wedding



Lol I’m honoured - sent you a DM :slight_smile:


Also I know this is quite cheeky of me, but if anyone wanted to leave me a nice review on I’d really appreciate it - it’ll push my game up the rankings and lead to new people experiencing and (hopefully!) enjoying it :slight_smile:


I think a nice review is in order. It was a well put together game and certainly deserves praise.


Thank you so much! What did you like about it? :slight_smile:

How big did you get Anna?


I know everyone is already asking for it, but could you message me how I am supposed to get her as big as she can go?


But of course :slight_smile:


[quote=“machodummy, post:24, topic:918”]Thank you so much! What did you like about it? :slight_smile:

How big did you get Anna?[/quote]

While I do bat for the other team, so to speak, I did enjoy the descriptions and general pacing of the game, not to mention the more or less intuitive puzzles and such. I think I got her to the 400 category.


Welp, don’t know how to get the 400 lb ending
could you kindly PM me? :wink:

(Also I like the fact there’s multiple endings in this game, really shows the work put into it)


I am also curious as to the 400 ending


Is it possible you could share a version of the game where we can look at the back end? It might help me understand Quest a little better!


I think that’s a good idea but I’m not sure how to do it - does anyone know?


Gonna have to throw myself onto the list of people requesting spoilers. There’s a few items that I can definitely tell I should be able to interact with, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how!


same here, i can only get her to 350


I would really like to know how to get her even bigger


Only 300 here, unfortunately. Interested in some tips.


Also signed up just for spoilers. Have to say this is definitely the best weight gain text adventure out there. I have only been able to get Anna to 350 at the end though.


Can you get beyond 320 without manual text entry?


Yeah, send me to spoilers as well. After playing through this a few more times, it’s good enough to cheat, I’d say :V


Same, I’ve played it 5 times and I can’t get her past 320.


Me too though I got to 350