Anna's Wedding



Wow, a lot of people asking for spoilers in the past couple of days! I’ll get to you all individually, promise :slight_smile:


I finally did it… 400 pounds…


Well done! :slight_smile: Now what weight have people managed to get her sister?


alright i get her slightly chubby once thats about it


There is actually a way to get her up to around the size Anna is at the start of the game :slight_smile:


Wait, you can make your sister fat?


Yeah, it works quite similarly to the way you get Anna fat (I’m sure by now everyone’s aware that the more food you eat, the fatter Anna is at the end of the game) - there are two actions that you can take to drive up your sister’s weight in the epilogue. You’ll know you’ve found them when you see that Anna wishes her sister knew what it was like to be fat. You take neither of these actions, she stays skinny. You take one, she gets chubby. And if you find both, then she ends up obese :slight_smile:


I’m going to need a message, since I’ll never find them and I’m lazy. Sorry…


Very much enjoyed this game.

However, I can’t figure out how to get Anna past 320 pounds, or how to make her sister chubby/obese. Could I get those spoilers, please?

Again, great game. Two thumbs up.


I really enjoyed the game. Could I also get spoilers about how to make Anna and her sister fatter?


Sign me up for spoilers as well.


You’ll find DMs in all your inboxes - thank you so much for all your interest :slight_smile:


I’d like spoilers as well, please.


I absolutely loved this!


I would also like spoilers on this please!

Great game.


Played it a couple of times now, might as well ask. Hit me up with those spoilers, please.


Hi, I would also like to know the spoilers, please.


Great game. Sign me up for the spoilers as well xD


Great game, I would like spoilers on getting to 400


what are the two ways to affect the sister?