Another queen related game lol

I have a plan for another queen related weight gain game. Low hanging fruit? Yes, maybe. Still fun though.

The setting for this one is that, after decades of war, three nations have united to bring it to an end. They each have one queen, and the three of them work together for the benefit of the country as a whole. Two generations have passed since the wars, so the current queens are the granddaughters of the original three. They and their ancestors have ushered in an era of plenty, where people can focus on production and innovation because there is no more war.

Your character will have been caught committing some crimes and offered to either be sold off as a slave or work for the queens. Working for them you’ll be doing background tasks until you get the attention of one of the queens. You’ll become her favorite, getting access to the kitchens and the other queens, and that’s your perfect chance to build a connection with them through food and just interacting with them. You’ll be able to feed them and a few other characters as you grow your bonds with them, and depending on the choices you make you’ll either end up as a close friend of the queens or maybe make them rely on you for everything. The choice will be yours.

Essentially, what I need from you guys is nagging to keep working on it. As a chronic procrastinator, I’ll likely write out a detailed plan, get the first day ready and then move on. You have my permission to spam me with reminders and orders to work on this, just know that if I don’t feel like it I’ll ignore them entirely.

I’m also open to any suggestions y’all may have.


Out of curiosity, would people prefer the MC to be male or female? It may be useful to keep in mind that once I’m done with the game I could add MC gain if there is demand, but I’ll only do it with a female MC.

  • Male MC
  • Female MC

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just so it doesn’t say i haven’t spoken in a month here, let me speak to prove im kinda active

sorry random game dev, also welcome to the twine theme

Lmao an honour to have been chosen

Well, looks like the MC will be a woman. Good thing I haven’t started writing yet

Edit: Also how much do y’all care about being able to name your character?

  • I NEED to be able to name them to feel immersed in the story
  • I’d like it, but it’s not a deal breaker
  • Eh, I could go either way
  • I do not care for it

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