Pending, another game about making queens fat. - V0.8 released

Time to make it official. As seen here, I’m making a game where you work for three Queens of Country (one of the larger countries in Pending), cooking for them and gradually making them and some others fat. The programming has caused me an immense amount of psychological damage but I’ve finished the base. All I need to do now is write some gain and NPC interactions which is more interesting. I’ll paste the story explanation from my other post here:

"The setting for this one is that, after decades of war, three nations have united to bring it to an end. They each have one queen, and the three of them work together for the benefit of the country as a whole. Two generations have passed since the wars, so the current queens are the granddaughters of the original three. They and their ancestors have ushered in an era of plenty, where people can focus on production and innovation because there is no more war.

Your character will have been caught committing some crimes and offered to either be sold off as a slave or work for the queens. Working for them you’ll be doing background tasks until you get the attention of one of the queens. You’ll become her favorite, getting access to the kitchens and the other queens, and that’s your perfect chance to build a connection with them through food and just interacting with them. You’ll be able to feed them and a few other characters as you grow your bonds with them, and depending on the choices you make you’ll either end up as a close friend of the queens or maybe make them rely on you for everything. The choice will be yours."

The only changes I have to make to this, really, are that the MC will now officially be female and you’ll be able to name her. There will be three real endings (and one other ending). I have not implemented the potential for the MC herself to gain, but I twill if the game is well received and there is demand.

To be clear, the main game loop will be about making money to buy ingredients and learn recipes, talking to the Queens and bringing them whatever food they want.


I finally finished v0.8 of the game. This version allows you to fatten all three Queens all the way up, but does not have all the background characters developed yet. I can’t code for the life of me, and this is my first Twine project, so please let me know when you invariably find some bugs and I’ll try to fix them.

One thing to bear in mind is that the current inventory system only lets you have one of any item at a time, so don’t buy or make more because you’ll waste the money/ingredients. I’ll get around to fixing that eventually.

Anyway, here’s the game and now it has no more bugs (I hope). It ain’t very long, and it ain’t very pretty, but let me know what y’all think.

Mega version, if MediaFire doesn’t work for you: 526.4 KB file on MEGA

Current plan/timeline:

0.9 will include the two other characters you can feed, and should come out a few weeks after that.
Then more bug fixing.
Finally, I expect to have 1.0 out in a month or two, which will include the game endings.
If the game is well received and enough people say they want me to add MC weight gain, I’ll then work on that. There’s definitely space for it, since one of the queens could be a mutual feeder and there’s a couple of characters that could be straight feeders.


Since it hasn’t been posted yet -



I see this having alot of potential, i.e you could have three different stories with three different queen with one of them either being Feeder, feedee or Mutual gainers

The Queens are going to be feedees because it ties into the storyline of the game, but I’m definitely leaving space for other feeders and the main character gaining if people want that in the future. It’ll be something I’ll add once the main game is done so I don’t overload myself and overpromise things.

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Also if anyone has better ideas for the country and game names than Country and Pending, I’m open to suggestions.

This sounds like a really fantastic and exciting project! Nice to see how planned out you have this and the clear motivation to get this out to everyone. I’m not sure what it is about fattening queens which holds so much appeal, but it certainly does and I’m excited to try this!

Just don’t overwork yourself or feel you need to hit promised deadlines. No one will mind if delays are needed or the timline of releases needs to be stretched

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i cant believe you stole pheonixes theme >:(

Little update: I’ve finished writing everything for one of the three queens and have all of the base game and stuff running. I only need to write the other two queens’ gain sections but because I want the weight gain bits to be really good that’s taking some time. I write my best degenerate stuff at peak horny hours, and those have been pretty low recently. I should have 0.8 out in the next couple of weeks though.


Another minor update: Basically, I’m just low on motivation. I could have 0.8 out in like a day but the stuff I have left to do is so repetitive and boring I can’t seem to get myself to do it. Once I do, and I will one day, I’ll update this.


Good news y’all, I’m finally fucking done with 0.8. If y’all want to play the game, I’ll add it to the start of this channel in a minute. Also, feel free to bully me for taking so long to write fuck all.

Oh yeah also please let me know if it feels balanced. I don’t want making money to feel super grindy, but I also don’t want the game to feel like you fly through it.

Hi, so all Queens except Auria seem to have a bug, when i first interact with Morgana it shows a high weight event, also Eva seems particularly buggy as there seems to be two text boxes displayed at once, at low and high weight, and interacting with her brings up a debug menu and shows some bvvariables that we probably weren’t supposed to see

Interesting. I’ll take a look

found one more bug, when Auria asks for Millefeuilles when you give them to her the event doesn’t seem to register as having happened

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Do you not get the text of her eating it, or does nothing change after she has?

I got the text, but there was a variable at the end of the text that didn’t seem to fire, so the next day she asked for the same thing and I got the same response

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Do you know which variable does not fire?

This is what pops up at the end of the Millefeuilles event. Also it doesn’t seem to remove the Millefeuilles from your inventory.
Also noticed that the Pearl Necklace doesn’t show up in the inventory, but you can still give it to Auria, as well as the blacksmith not rewarding any money for working with them (still costs energy)

I’ve fixed the Auria issue, although if you could spoiler it out that would be great. Thanks for letting me know about the necklace and blacksmith, I’ll see if I can fix those

Edit: FML, another issue bc I’m stupid. The blacksmith thing was just me forgetting a colon, and the Auria thing I forgot to close some brackets

Ok, I’ve fixed every issue that has been mentioned above. Let me know if there is anything else, and many thanks to @thetrextrex and @Ayurn for pointing them out. Turns out I’m just illiterate…

Dude I took a class in Python and I still don’t understand half of it, the fact that this functions at all is a good sign

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