Any recommendations of games from this site

Specifically completed ones.

Me personally I prefer games with controllable/avoidable/limited weight gain, with more of a belly expansion focus, but there’s no problem with sharing a weight gain focused game, even if I might not play it.

A lot of similar topics have been posted, you should probably look at those before making your own.


Gotta agree that there’s already too many topics of this kind, but here’s my suggestion: A Bellyful Life by FieryLion

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I suggest Some Bullshit by Nerds, its not complete as of yet but its a stuffing focused RPG with great characters and HOURS of gameplay :0

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Yeah you guys are right. But also, I was asked for completed games. I know about those two. Thanks though.

You might enjoy Vale City! The character sprite “stages” are easily controlled through fullness, and two of the three player-controlled characters have a focus on belly expansion, as well as 1/3 of the supporting characters.

It’s a notoriously “grindy” game, so exploits have been developed and have been shared in the thread here on the forum. Let me us know if you find any titles you like in your search, I’d also love to hear about games I haven’t played :slight_smile: