Anyone got a copy of GUTF?

The OG dev seemed to have had a mental breakdown and thus they deleted all their mods and their account, and I can’t find it anywhere else. Does anyone 'round here perhaps have the .pak and is willing to share it?


can you show a image

its the first mod in this post


Yeah I was looking around for it myself for awhile and found out I’ve got a big folder of old mods tucked away in an old archaic chat of mine.

Made an account to offer to send it over.
Somehow, but mostly want to make sure you’re even still around before looking into the hassle of finding a way to send it, it’s been a few months after all!


Mind sending me a copy as well?

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May I have a copy of the mod as well please?

Would appreciate if you could send it over

If anyone’s got the mod, I’d like to see if it’s still compatible with StarPounds.

There’s no way it would be compatible with the new StarPounds version, it was made from the ground up with no traces of the old Big Fatties mod code.


Hopefully it’ll be remade at some point

anyone still have a copy they can send? it sounds interesting and i wanna try it out.

Anyone still interested? I recently booted up my old PC and was able to find a copy.

I was also thinking of posting the corresponding outdated version of Big Fatties, but I’m not sure if that’s OK. I’m a bit worried about getting in trouble.

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I’m still interested!