Myantha's Big Fatties add-ons

So this is basically just my collection of (upcoming) add-ons that I make.

Big Fatties - Get Used To Fat (update underway, new features)

GUTF in short, it’s basically a mod that’s for those that play survival.
This mod adds something called ‘comfort’ into your game. Your comfort ranges from level 1 to 10 and decreases/increases as you gain/lose weight, however your comfort level will also increase over time by just simply playing the game, running/walking/jumping around or whatever.
Comfort comes with advantages and disadvantages. It can be summed up as the heavier you get and the less comfort you have, the more severe the disadvantages will be, such as even more loss to mobility, more hunger, energy drain when moving and stat loss, of course, if you can maintain a high comfort level, it will pay out for you and maybe even increase your stats by just a little.
This also means that you can’t just zoom through weight levels, as you’d just wreck your comfort and get bombarded with disadvantages.
Your character starts at level 6.

Stat multipliers for each level

Stat multipliers are configurable in-game and be tweaked even further, the following are the default values

Level 1: movement 0.65, defense 0.9, damage 0.85, energy 0.7, health 0.8
Level 2: movement 0.65, defense 0.9, damage 0.9, energy 0.7, health 0.8
Level 3: movement 0.75, defense 1.0, damage 0.95, energy 0.75, health 0.85
Level 4: movement 0.8, defense 1.0, damage 1.0, energy 0.75, health 0.85
Level 5: movement 0.85, defense 1.0, damage 1.0, energy 0.8, health 0.9
Level 6: movement 0.95, defense 1.0, damage 1.0, energy 0.95, health 1.0
Level 7: movement 0.95, defense 1.0, damage 1.0, energy 1.0, health 1.0
Level 8: movement 1.0, defense 1.05, damage 1.0, energy 1.025, health 1.025
Level 9: movement 1.05, defense 1.05, damage 1.0, energy 1.025, health 1.035
Level 10: movement 1.12, defense 1.15, damage 1.025, energy 1.075, health 1.05

Detailed information of effects

The math for things like hunger/energy drain:
(Running, walking and the hunger drain run ~60 times each second, that’s why the values are much lower compared to jumping)

Hunger: 0.001 * math.max(weight level, 1) / level of comfort / 4 * effect modifier

Energy drain at a configured value (see the in-game menu), chunky / chubby by default
Running (Energy): 0.2 * weight level / level of comfort / 4 * drain modifier
Walking (Energy): 0.1 * weight level / level of comfort / 4 * drain modifier
Jumping (Energy): 13 * weight level / level of comfort / 3 * drain modifier

Sweat effect will apply when energy is below or equal 40% of your energy

Every 15 minutes (by default) (54000 ticks or whatever), your comfort level will be raised by one level, running (3), walking (1.8) and jumping (400) reduce the time towards it.

Every time your size visually increases/decreases, you lose/gain a comfort level.
Every time the badge changes (like from blue to red or whatever, also includes size change) you have a 25% chance to lose a comfort level if it increased and a 30% chance to gain a comfort level if it decreased.

If you use the granular wg mod, please also download the granular .zip file, if you don’t use it, then just go ahead with the base thing.
If you use Joliair’s popping add-on, please also download the popping .zip file.
If you want the stamina bar to be slightly offset because you use something like this (Steam Workshop::Custom Player Health Bar), please also download the Alternate Stamina file.
Please, it should be obvious already but you must have the base file.

Drug add-on with details about it:
Warning: The stims are NOT client-side, please make sure that the server you’re playing on has this one installed.
Adds two stim packs, which can be crafted at the apothecary after learning the recipe by picking up lard. The stim packs have a 3 minute cooldown so that you can’t spam these and increase your level up to 10 almost instantly. While the stim packs have a instant level increase once being consumed, they also increase the amount of time that will be consumed for the next level by walking/running/jumping during the cooldown. (see the weird spoiler, if you don’t know what I mean)
This add-on currently adds 2 stim packs with 2 tiers. (Recipes for the stim packs are kinda meh so I also appreciate some feedback about that)

This mod is (as of now) entirely client-side, so it’ll work as long as Big Fatties runs on the server you’re playing on.

Big Fatties - Shoggoth Race Support (Discontinued)

Worked with @Projg on this, all of the textures come from them, both of us worked on animations for the huge / titanic / blob stages.
This add-on gives support for the shoggoth race (Steam Workshop::The Shoggoth Race Mod & Friends). It is still work-in-progress, since the stages from huge and higher are a bit messed up, you’ll see it yourself when you play it. It doesn’t have support for stuffed / filled belly (for now?), everything else is there however.
It might happen that when being at regular size, having thick thighs enabled and Frackin’ Universe installed, that it equips the Shoggoth Chestplate into your fashion slot, this is something that just happens by how Big Fatties operates, since it tries to equip ‘shoggothchest’ for you, usually that item doesn’t exist but Frackin’ Universe has it. If you don’t want this to happen, you have to disable thick thighs at regular size, or uninstall Frackin’ Universe.

Big Fatties - Neko Alternate Support

Do not use this with ModFattiesRaces, or you’ll end up crashing, due to duplicates
Support for Neko Alternate race (Steam Workshop::Neko Alternate)
Base mod
Granular support
Alternate textures (requires base)
Granular support with alternate textures (requires normal granular support)

Species Support Generator

Out of boredom I made something, that generates a whole species support mod for you, all you have to do is replace all of the .png with actual sprites and you’re good to go.

Download temporarily removed

Why it generates using different paths

Big Fatties uses as of the latest state of the WIP version a weightstages folder, which contains a stage and inside that stage is a folder for each species. It’s simply a lot of folders that are hardly manageable. It’s really unorganized. The path for normal / busty / stuffed looks in the WIP like this:

The paths I use are like this:

The paths I use are as you can probably see way more comfortable for people that add support for custom species, since you don’t have to jump around so much between folders, because everything is there categorized by the species. Just way more manageable and organized.

I always appreciate feedback.


Very nice concept for some realism with these mods! But could you please specify what this comfort or discomfort exactly adds to your characher? I’m just kinda wondering about the numbers and all, cheers!


Added numbers, math and whatever.

I wish there was some way to boost the ability to get more comfortable faster, I’m unsure of how something like that could happen though

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I didn’t get to that yet, but decided to do that by drugs that you can craft.

Wow you really went all out with the numbers on this! Maby a slider similar to BF for comfort would be a nice idea for the future?

Maybe, I’ll think about that.

Great job so far, love the fact that i have to watch out to not move too much if i want to be able to fully use my weapons and that moving while very heavy accually costs energy like it should.

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Added a very small add-on for this now that adds simple drugs to boost the comfort level, comes with an required update for the base thing, if you want to use the drug add-on.

Added support for the shoggoth race (work in progress).

Added a GUI for the add-on, comes with support for Joliair’s popping add-on (which has to be downloaded separately), to prevent GUIs from breaking.

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This is wonderful and perfectly timed. I had been trying out the add-on and actually did want the added challenge of having a consistently low comfort level.

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the intention of energy loss is just as a debuff for being big or do you plan on making it that you become “totally exhausted” that you cannot move until it recharges again?

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I could make that in like a few minutes and add it as an option in the GUI.

it would be cool but no hurries, dont want to push someone to do something. Also, just curious, what else do you plan on adding to this? so far from what I have seen, its a very nice and well done addon in my opinion

I currently have no more ideas regarding this addon, however I plan on making an addon that adds some sort of questline with missions (like those dungeons that can be entered at SAIL) related to Big Fatties.

EDIT: Added an option for total exhaust.

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The issue with defense and damage multipliers not applying has been resolved.

Neither Get used to Fat / the popping variant nor the Shoggoth Race Support work.

The extra panel for GUTF doesn’t show up in the BF options panel, regardless of the popping addon.

The Shoggoth sprites don’t even showup to begin with.

Wat do?

Did you unpack the zip file?

ERROR: Exception caught in client main-loop
(AssetException) error loading asset
PLAYER REPORT: button was invisible. clicked where it was. got that error.

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