<DISCONTINUED>Big Fatties(WIP) Multi Race Support

(On Hold)
Hi just wanting to share something that I will be working on during my spare time.

Support mod based off of Myanthan’s page: Myantha's Big Fatties add-ons

A few of these are ports from Mod Fatty Races but have been patched up and made to function with Big Fatties(WIP)

Multi Races Support:
Big Fatties - Mod Races Support.zip (1.6 MB) (updated 22/05/2021 15:53 BST)

Includes Support for:

  • Gardevan (Mod Fatties)
  • Lucario (Mod Fatties)
  • Umbreon (Mod Fatties) (fixed bustyfatty chestm and chestf, but the stuffed and filled not made. May be done later)
  • Lastree
  • Inkling without markings (Squids in Space)
  • Nightar
  • Spirit Tree (legs are a bit weird, might need redone) // TALENT WANTED //

Also, Mostly for the human/humanoid races. Are covered by this alt texture folder.
Based off of Projg’s page: Big Fatties alternative stomach and arm textures

Big fatties - Mod Races alt Textures.zip (501.5 KB)

Textures Cover:

  • Inkling
  • Gardevan
  • Nightar
  • Lastree

Future Plan:

  • add Gardevan chest spike to alt textures/ personalise it a bit more.
  • add symbols to Umbreon Fatty stage. (will be constantly update till it looks right, right now it may look janky)
  • create Alt textures for Lucario and Umbreon (Might take some time).
  • porting a few non humanoid races(Might take some time).
  • spirit tree race (Figure out a fix for the first three legs.)

Hope you all enjoy! :smiley:

Feel free to give some suggestions, I’ll try and get to them in a timely manner. I am also slightly inexperienced so I’ll do my best.

Blueberries mod page: <DISCONTINUED> Big Fatties - Blueberry mod addon (Joliair's Popping Mod now no longer required)


ah yes finally the spirit tree race coverage

I’ll see what I can do.

forgot to mention. mod updated. Fatty legs for female Umbreons has symbol. Animation looks janky, and will see to fixing it along side adding it to the male pants. Right now working on implementing Spirit Tree into Big Fatties.

Update: Spirit Tree race is fully functioning on the technical side. Next and most likely last is to change the colour of the sprite sheets. I’ll keep you up to date, if there is any problems I will inform you all.

Edit: Just had a look at the pants and because of the legs’ shape It might take a while. Again I am not as adept at anatomy in an art sense.

see thats my bad i forgot lastree and spirit tree were different things

sooo… did you want Lastree or Spirit Tree?

Cause I am working on the Spirit Tree. The only problem I am facing is all the legs would need to be specially re-sprited for the Big Fatties mod.

spirit tree i just got consfuse with the first post is all

Okay… Gotcha. The general colour pallet works. But until I can figure out how to do the legs, it’s going to look like every other BF Race. Is that okay?

Update to the mod is done. As it states, the Spirit Tree race might look weird as the BF legs don’t match the unique legs/walk cycle. I will try and fix it, but as I said I am not too experienced with pixel art/srite creation. Main objective for now with the Spirit Tree is to fix their paws. But for now I am going to take a break. Cheers!

EDIT: Just Seen the Immobile stage and is trying to resolve post haste. (False Alarm. I had my single support build and the Multi mod running. Both of which clashed with each other. srry.)

i personally have no experience in the matter of spriting but you could probably just reuse the lucario legs but novakid the texture to match the spirit tree chest.

I’ll look into that.

the Lucario legs look fine. But because of the way the Spirit tree has been created and animated, the early stages (i.e. thick, chubster and plump) kind of show the legs behind them. when idle looks close.

Just wanting to let you know. Hope you don’t mind.

Mod Updated. Tree Spirit are using a reskin of the Lucario legs. Until I either figure out how to make new ones or find someone talented to do so, I hope you don’t mind. Think of them as a temporary fix.

I’d love to see race support for the Elithian races, like the Avikan, Aegi and Akkimari, not sure about the Trink though. I’ve no experience spriting but I’d be happy to learn in order to help get it done haha

I’ll have a look at the mod. For me I don’t have the best experience, I kind of just palette swap then edit a bit more. But personally I use GIMP to open and edit.

EDIT: (Just had a look, the Aegi could be easily done, whilst the Avikan could take a while. The Robot races such as the Akkimari and Trink could be troublesome. I will keep this mod on the BackBurner)

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idk what i did wrong

I believe you might be rocking a mod that already has The Lastree Supported.

You do have ModFattyRaces yes? If so you might want to remove said mod, or you can remove the other raceses from mine that conflict with ModFattyRace.

Just remember that mine is made to work with the “WIP” verion of Big Fatties, meaning ModFatty doen’t have support for the file locations. That is for the original authors to fix if and when they see fit.

it works now

many thanks

no probs, maybe keep the modFattyRace encase you feel like playing an older version of BF.

I personally do.