<DISCONTINUED> Big Fatties - Blueberry mod addon (Joliair's Popping Mod now no longer required)

(Project has been Discontinued. See latest post from me to read why. Sorry and I hope you all understand.)

(Update!) Hello, it’s been a while. But I have a new Update available for the mod. Nothing too major, just a fix for those who wanted to use it on their dedicated servers.

Hi, I’ve been working hard with @Warlynx to produce an addon to Joliair’s Popping mod for Big Fatties.
The idea stemmed from wanting to expand on the concept of the blueberry gum that you could purchase, by adding a new way to get the desired effects from different sources.

As of version 0.4.5 Joliair’s Popping mod is now not a necessity. (Can be used optionally)

Coders Wanted and Artists if your interested in helping message me, extra hand are welcome.
List of things to do: BF - Blueberries ToDo.zip (623 Bytes) If you want send me a message or If your on the Big Fatties Discord don’t hesitate to dm me. :smile:

Shout out to @therd1964 for implementing the crops into the generation, future biomes will be incorporated.

Also want to thank community member over at the Big Fatties: Fat Items Server: Starbound Big Fatties: Fat Items - #20 by Warlynx

And a big thanks to @anon68621330 for helping out with when we came across errors in the code.

Currently the mod is bare bones, but we want to implement a status effect multiplier for the future. The idea is when the player is under the berry effect, it will increase the gain for each level of berry the player has.

We are currently looking for coders to aid in implementing script and effects to make this mod the best it can be. So Help is always appreciated.

Other things we would like to implement is the way how the user slowly transitions berry color just like the bubble gum. But currently it’s a straight to color dye.

Big Fatties - Blueberries v0.4.6: [Big Fatties - Big_Fatties_-_Blueberries_v0.4.6.zip (195.4 KB) (Popping mod now not needed… If you want)

(BUG FIX!): Fixed a syntax error with the vending machine. Now you can all have this mod on your own dedicated servers. :smiley:


  • 3 fruits with 4 separate bloating effects
  • 3 seed that at this moment can be purchased at the vending machine.
  • plants can be found in forest biomes and garden biomes currently
  • fruits can be crafted into raw drinks which will give you an extended bloat effect whilst giving one positive effect.
  • using a bloating cure can create a distilled version which removes the bloating and gives you the full effect of the positive status
  • a craftable vending machine vendor that allows the player to purchase all available items.
  • 3 fruit liquids that when interacted causes the player to bloat with it respective effect and a forth liquid when any/all of the liquids mix which bloats the player faster.

Things may be tweaked and changed in each update. Updates will be catalogued.

Fun video demos on what and how things work: GitHub - GlizzoSupremo/DemoReelsBlueberries: Here is where I put my mod videos

Also for Inkling, Lucario, Nightar, Gardivan, etc Race support, check here (Currently on Hold): (On Hold)Big Fatties(WIP) Multi Race Support


Just out of curiosity, why doesn’t this work with FU?

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FU has some item names that are similar. I.E. pears, cherryjuice and what not. Causes the game to crash. I could make a FU version, but I want to make a fully working mod before hand.

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Wouldn’t a simple fix be to just change the item IDs slightly? Like cherryjuiceBF or something?

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yes, but for now I’m just making it for non FU Big Fatties. I would also rename all the other items for the sake of consistency. :smiley:

Proposing “perfect pear” and “gushing cherryjuice” as names whenever it comes to it.

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As effects or something else? Cause I like them. It’s still early days and most of everything can be tweaked and renamed for more catchy ideas.

It’s good practice to use unique ID’s. In similar projects of mine in the past, I always preface my ID’s with XA_ (just like how FU has been slowly converting it’s ID’s to use fu_ at the beginning of it’s ID’s).

I also speak from personal experience that the sooner you update your naming conventions, the easier it’ll be.


Yeah. You know what I’ll make that change. If I just change everything to “bf_” then you can use FU at any time you want. That will be the first patch. Thanks for the advice, even though it should be a no brainer for someone like me who looking at existing item IDs. Cheers.

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Updated File: Change all item IDs reducing the chances that any item or liquid will clash with other mods. Meaning it is Compatible with FU.

This doesn’t fit too well with everything else but I noticed a green bar in your big fatties UI. What’s that about?

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You mean the videos? that’s just Myantha’s Get Used to Fat mod addon. It makes it so you either drain energy or a stamina bar(what you’re referring to) based off how “comfortable” you are the during each weight stage. i.e. If you’re in the plump stage with low comfortability, you’ll drain the stamina/energy bar quicker. tiring yourself out.

Thank you for telling me!

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Does the fruit grow in the wild or is it currently only at the vending machine?

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Not yet. I want to make it so at first you will be able to buy seed from the terramart vendor. But later down the line I want to include these fruits in the generation such as the more greener and luscious planets.

Currently working on farmable crops that produce the fruits. Also fixed the liquid and made them mix with water. Coming when next update is released.

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Wow, I was actually looking at how to add fruit trees for your mod, but I don’t understand at all how the sprites work.
I copied the fruit tree from the Starry Planet mod, but the png doesn’t look at all like the ingame tree.

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I had that problem. What I did was renamed the sprite sheet image to be specific to the refencing inside the object code. i.e. I used to reference it as “blueberryseed” as the image was named that, but then changed it to “bf_blueberryseed” in both the image and reference. That seemed to fix it. (It might have had to do with clashing with another image. But personally I don’t know. :man_shrugging:)

Hi there. The liquid items in /items/liquids/ use their old itemNames instead of the new ones, which makes a new recipes unobtainable.

If you paste this at line 56 of blueberryvendingmachine.object, you’ll be able to place it facing right and left instead of only left.

“imageLayers” : [ { “image” : “blueberryvendingmachine.png:.”, “fullbright” : true }, { “image” : “blueberryvendingmachinelit.png:.” } ],
“imagePosition” : [-8, 0],
“direction” : “right”,
“flipImages” : true,
“frames” : 1,
“annimationCycle” : 0.5,
“spaceScan” : 0.1,
“anchors” : [ “bottom” ],
“collision” : “platform”


I have already fixed that issue, then realised that people would have downloaded the unfixed version. Might just Update the mod to get it fixed. (as for the vending machine, thanks I’ll see to that. Make it look better to turn left or right).

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