Big Fatties alternative stomach and arm textures

Thought it would be better to just move this to its own post so I don’t fill up the main thread with this crap,

Before I say anything else I would like to thank Dispatch for making the original mods and textures, and Mrmoto and the others who helped make granular WG
along with:
Bard: for helping sheet the glitch and novakid arm sheets
mic withers(? not sure if that’s what he wants to go by or not): for making the initial fatter immobile stage sheets
Flute: for making the original fatter immobile stage sprites that mic based his off of
Tobias1595(for helping with making this mod easier to use)

So I made these sprite edits for personal use but have decided to share them so other people can use them if they want,
Currently these textures are only for the female “nude” Hylotl, human, Novakid, and gltich sheets, specifically making the stomachs more shapely and the arms thicker, along with making the face chubby in the later stages
they have both normal and busty support, along with full support for the Granular WG mod.
The vanilla textures are meant to work with the wip version of big fatties, if your not using it then the fatty textures will not work

An example of the current textures:(fatty textures will only work if you are using the wip version of the mod)
new textures gif
There are also the experimental flabbier immobile stage textures:

Installation Guide:
Just drag and drop unzipped folders into your starbound mods folder
to install any of the other optional files, such as flabbier blob or cuter glitch, simply merge the folders contents into the corresponding alternative texture folder

WIP Big fatties version:(Currently supports Female: Hylotl, Human, and Glitch, and Novakid support)
BigFatties alternative textures (443.2 KB)

you can get the wip version of big fatties here:

Granular WG files:(Currently supports Female: Hylotl, Human, and Glitch, and Novakid support)
Granular WG alternative textures (332.9 KB)

EXPERIMNETAL Flabbier immobile stage textures can be gotten here:(Currently supports Female: Hylotl, Human, Novakid)
(note these are for blob end only, the body textures are not animated properly(not that it really matter because you wont be moving at all, I would like to also note that the arms textures are kinda buggy as well, im a pixel artist not an animator)
flabbier blob (73.6 KB)

Custom glitch legs and blob end textures to fit better with the “Make the Universe a Cuter place Mod”:
Cuter glitch textures (138.9 KB)
Other notes: if any one would like to use these files to make their own edits or even contributions please feel free to use the already existing textures provided so long as you give credit.

Custom glitch textures do not apply to any of the blob stages above fatty, sheeting those are a nightmare and im not in the mood the torment myself any time soon, if you wana undergo the task feel free too

Shoggoth BF mod support! You will need the base mod to use this one you can get it here
shogg preview
These textures were meant to be used with the “Shoggoth Visual changes” mod from the steam workshop
there are 2 different version and you will need both if your using granular,
installation should be easy as simply dragging the folders into your starbound mods folder
Shogg Alt textures (177.6 KB)

Shogg granular Alt (123.3 KB)


Digging the redone arms.

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Things I hope to see in a future update.

Broken human bra:

  1. Make a vanilla version without the “nude” human.
  2. get rid of the weird “white” that is most noticeable in black characters.
  3. Give plump and fatty no bra as well, also give granular blob nips.

Other stuff:

  1. fix the Mawashi. (it not working with the new bellies)
  2. Give every race (and gender) the alternative stomach and arms, maybe other then the glitch.

Note: not sure if the Apex wears bras btw lel

The weird white line, being a highlight, was just part of the base palette I grabbed from the vanilla big fatties stuff, I have no idea if that has been fixed or not though,
also are you saying that the plump, fatty and blob have a bra/ no nips?
because those 100% have the topless textures.

The mawashi uses its own set of textures and that would take a bit of work to retrofit those with the new textures,
also like just going to say this, adding other races is probably going to be up to other people wanting to contribute, sheeting is tedious and im already busy with as it is with other projects, so updates and new stuff are going to be very sparse

Okay so granular blob has no nips for some reasons, not sure why.

Both fatty and plump (granular) still have bras for some reasons, I try this with both vanilla and granular.

you have both vanilla and granular installed yeah?
also fatty may be broken if you are not using the WIP version of big fatties

Hey uhh… I’m not very smart and I don’t know how to uncompile the archives… could you please teach me how to do it?

Obviously download the pak files from the main mod, you will need the wip version other wise the fatty textures wont work, then your going to want to look for a starbound pak file compiler program and use that to uncompile the main pak file

Ooooh ok ok, thank you so much!

So i got most of the base models working, the second to biggest and third model dont render in, but i cant seem to get the grangular sprites to work, some help would be greatly appreciated

Wich sprites exactly, and did you replace everything in the folder properly?

I tried out both of them separately and they both have the same problem, I’m using the latest version of fatties as well so idk.

You could try replacing the granular blob files with the ones from here, if it has a blob folder, and the fatty texture will not work if your not using the wip version of big fatties that has the blob sheet legs and chest split

the fatty sprite doesnt work and none of the grangular textures work

update, its only the grangular that isnt working, i got all basic sprites working

Do you have granular installed?
Did you properly replace all of the base files from granular with the files from the zip file?

no, how would i do that ?

No to having granular installed or no to replacing the files?

no to replaceing the files

How do you have the texture installed currently??