Anyone Know Any good weight gain text adventures?

Just looking for text adventure games that are female and non furry

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Nebutori’s tale is a recent one that is actually good and recommend to you, there is also The Lipomancer’s Ruins which I think it’s very good since it has some cool details, and there is also this other one Extraterrestrial Gains, it’s still a demo but from what I have played it is very good

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Here’s three good ones.


How do I get past the flaming spider? I have the bucket and I know I have to throw water at the spider but I can’t figure out how to fill it

say ‘use bucket on flaming spider’

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How do you give your hand to the blind guard? I thought the skeletal hand might work. do I need to do something with it first?

If I’m correct you have to shake the tree first, then I believe either give or use the skeletal hand, then do the same with the crown.

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Yeah I tried that. I shook the tree and tried use and give skeletal hand but it didn’t work for me

Give me a sec, I have the game on my favorites…

Hmm, it worked for me, did you correctly spell it? I did have minor trouble trying to give the cushion to the dogs but it worked after I typed it slowly.

I just made one that you might like. Tracy's College Experience - Play online at

Yeah I made sure that I did

Is there any walktrhoug for 3dcircle couse i got stuck after the spider

Here you go, same guide I use.

Maybe restart it? I’m not sure what is going wrong for you (since I didn’t make the game I’m unsure how to check if it’s bugged, especially if it’s working normally for me).

NEVERMIND speak to and ask aren’t the same, silly me.

I was stuck in kate’s days at uni but I’ve since just checked the source code to understand why my commands were wrong :slight_smile:

facebook at end of year1 20/20/20/10 I feel like I could’ve scored a lot higher, I’ll have to replay a bit. Thanks for these tips. they’re fire so far.

I notice a year 2 in the code, but the game game over’s before then, so I assume it’s just a skeleton that’s unfinished?

Unfortunately yes, Kate’s Days at Uni isn’t finished. It is sad that there are several promising text adventure games yet never reached full completion. Whether the project suffered a fatal burnout or it was too big I don’t really know.
Heck, I’m still wondering whether my first game could have a few more things or should I go through it and clean it up and say it is finished, meanwhile I have two others that aren’t fully completed. Yet I will be darned if I let either of my games go unfinished, they will be fully finished no matter the cost, no matter how long it takes me (or the number of breakdowns I have should an hour of writing goes down the drain due to Quest).

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It was actually a fatal code problem coupled with losing previous builds of Kate’s Uni Days that killed that off, sadly.

I had big plans for it. :confused:

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No harm in starting over, the first step of any major game begins with you killing boars or bandits before at the end you kill the embodiment of god.

you can always unpublish a quest game by renaming the quest file as a zip file, unzipping it, opening the aslx in notepad, deleteing all templates and ensuring the top five lines of the code are this:

<!--Saved by Quest 5.6.6108.15891-->
<asl version="550">
  <include ref="English.aslx" />
  <include ref="Core.aslx" />
  <game name="Kate's Uni Days">

in other words the dozens of lines between asl and game name are replaced by those two include lines.

after that you can open the aslx in quest editor and it will be exactly in the same shape as it was before you published it (all the tabs on the right will work again.)

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What is this dark magic!?