Anyone wanna try joining my Starbound server?

Server IP is Port 21025 and the mods I’m using are here: SB (9.0 MB) Hope I got that IP right.


I’ll be starting the server back up sometime tomorrow.

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Server’s back up. Feel free to join…

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I’ll try checking it out when I get the chance! (Hopefully soon)

It’s not letting me connect. I put in the Server IP, Port, and mods.

Do you have any workshop mods? If you do, try uninstalling those first. For some reason, I had to do that in order to connect myself.


Also It’d be useful if there’d be a place for communication, like casual chats
Unless this server is like really really temporary?

I have a Discord if that works. Lunarman.EXE#0855

Also, I’m kinda new to starting Starbound servers, and I used PenGUIn to set it up.

We could use a server invite code so people could join in the server and chat, suggest mods, and ping each other to join when one is on.

I am experiencing the same problem, except I have already uninstalled all of my workshop mods.

I’ve decided to take a break from Starbound for a few months to see how far modding will go before I come back, and also to play a few other games. I just got done getting the last of the achievements too.

There is the server Fayanes-Funhouse working with only big Fatties mod.

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Okay, I’m back into Starbound! I’m going to try to bring the server back up tomorrow! Also, I’m playing in casual mode with these mods (9.0 MB) and nothing from the workshop, so hopefully doing the same may fix any previous issues…

The server’s up now. Ip is with the same Port as before.

It’s back. hopefully it works this time.