Anyone wanna try joining my Starbound server?

Server IP is Port 21025 and the mods I’m using are here: SB (9.0 MB) Hope I got that IP right.

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I’ll be starting the server back up sometime tomorrow.

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Server’s back up. Feel free to join…

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I’ll try checking it out when I get the chance! (Hopefully soon)

It’s not letting me connect. I put in the Server IP, Port, and mods.

Do you have any workshop mods? If you do, try uninstalling those first. For some reason, I had to do that in order to connect myself.


Also It’d be useful if there’d be a place for communication, like casual chats
Unless this server is like really really temporary?

I have a Discord if that works. Lunarman.EXE#0855

Also, I’m kinda new to starting Starbound servers, and I used PenGUIn to set it up.

We could use a server invite code so people could join in the server and chat, suggest mods, and ping each other to join when one is on.