Fayane's Funhouse (24/7 Server, 20 Players)


• No godmodding, metagaming, or powerplaying.
• No griefing, crashing, or otherwise affecting other people’s experience in a negative way.
• Building is allowed, but try not to build on another player’s planet without asking first.
• Any and all forms of roleplay/fetishes/etc are allowed, excluding scat/gore/waterworks/etc .
• Only required mod is Big Fatties.
• Aside from the Big Fatties mod (The latest release), the server is strictly vanilla, and only multiplayer compatible mods are allowed. If you don’t know the difference, or you’re not sure if a mod is, then it’s probably not.


DM me for a whitelist account. No requirements for it, just there to enforce bans if ever need to.
Make sure to include a desired username (must be lowercase) and password for your whitelist account in the DM or I’ll make up a really silly one for you. If you do not send me a whitelist DM including all the info, I’m not going to respond.

Server Details

IP: Check the discord!
Port: Check the discord!


what mods are needed? I just don’t see a list of them.

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Is it possible if you add some quality of life mods, like the mod mod fatties and the granular weight gain mod?


Since someone will invariably ask (and because I wanted to know the source anyway), the art in the OP can be found here. (Fair warning to those who care: this artist has a lot of vore content to his name.)

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seems like a nice lil server! i’ll definitely hop in

Planning to stick to just vanilla + the main mod for now.

Oh yeah, in case anybody doesn’t know.
The server has a couple custom commands that you can use to check who’s online, set afk status, and do dice rolls. Can use /ehelp to get started.

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what should I do I can’t join!

You need to DM OP in order to join since the server allows connection based on a whitelist.

Some other players and I started building a little town area tonight, so here’s the coordinates in case anyone else wants to come check it out or build with us!
It’s a radioactive planet, but there’s some Radiation EPPs (along with Invisible Backs) in the barrel near where you teleport down; there’s only a few of them so be ready in case there aren’t any left.

X: 267856452, -140
Y: -712348347, 27


Heya, I’m new to the Big Fatties mod scene, but I can see why folks like it! I’m interested in joining this server, but am a little confused as to where to message you for the whitelist… (I assume “DM” has something to do with Discord…?:confused: ) If you could clarify, I’d greatly appreciate it!

DM would be direct message via the Weight Gaming forum itself, I think.

Yep. If ya click on Fayane’s name you should be able to message her.

AND on the topic of info, I feel a discord server would be helpful for things. Organizing meet-ups or keeping communications after crashes would be the big reasons for it…

Also! If you want a little extra multiplayer compatible customization for your starbound character, the starbound Hatter/Outfit Generator is a good way to make custom outfits/hair/heads!

Also will need starcheat or another JSON editor to import it! Careful using it though as it can mess with your save a little! Release Starcheat for v1 beta · wizzomafizzo/starcheat · GitHub

Since you have just activated your account, you can’t send DMs yet. As far as I can tell, if you browse for a little bit you’ll get the “Basic” badge that will grant you basic access to the forums (including DMs). From then on you will be able to see the DM buttom when you click on someone’s name/avatar.

Thanks for the explanation~! I might just check some more of the compatible mods for it in the meantime, then. Might need to be careful, just in case any would be ‘out of bounds’ for this server, though…

can't connect
I’m suddenly getting this error when trying to connect, I was on earlier without issue. I grabbed a few mods and thought that may have been the problem, but even with them removed it’s still coming up. I am assuming it’s something on my end but the error isn’t giving me much to go off. Anyone have any ideas?

I’m having the same issue, but I think the server’s just down at the moment.

Yea I think that was the problem! I just got on so it’s back up now