Archerquest - Stuffing/Weight Gain/Burping centric RPG

Wake up honey, new images dropped at the!


HMMMM really cant wait!


That’s right! The wait is finally over! It’s out! It’s real! Archerquest chapter 2! Play it now! Let me know your thoughts! Have fun!


Merc is not visible. Is this normal?

no, that’s really weird. where are you at?

Just finished the update, it was fun! I found one sidequest…


Couldn’t find the second one, been looking all over.

The first sidequest is in Fort Hyde, the second is in the Gravelton Market.

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When I started following the last save file, the archer went alone until I met my elf companion.

Oh, I think I know what happened. Give me a second.

Thanks… I totally forgot about the market.

Man… this update is really great! I just started over my saved file tbh when i ran into the same issue cause it doesnt take long to get back there tbh.

Beside that littlw hiccup, LOVE this a lot! Ingrey is adorable and great mage of the party with fun quirks! Archer enjoying herself with a lot of new updates to her model too. Merc getting a bit of the back seat was w good touch tbh, love him but wanted to see elf get a good amount of time since we’ve been with merc so early in the game.

Love the campsite being our own hub too! Page is a fun knight to have around and love shes trying to be like archer after one month python encounter.

Aunt Gertrude and Uncle Ingis are good relatives for Ingrid. Especially Gertrude, love the mature air she gave and love her more after the side quest too! Also enjoyed seeing belly rubbing interactive again after so long tbh. Always enjoyable to rub bellies~

Now… let me in the cave… let me in… LET ME INAHAHAHH!


Thanks for everything man I liked it! But I missed Zero where is she xdxd. I hope you will do soon as possible next update I can’t wait to see that.

Is getting the meatpie from the pouch supposed to open up a submenu like it does for bread? It is not happening for me if it’s supposed to.

I also did the market sidequest and there was mention of more items available at the camp. I wasn’t able to make/purchase anymore from the store, however- if I’m supposed to be able to there instead of getting them from the merchant when his store is put in.

  1. Yes it is, strange how that isn’t happening…
  2. New items as in little interactables next to the tent and to Merchant, nothing in any of the shops.

Anybody able to get the MacOS version running?

Seems to be a permissions issue. After running sudo chmod -R 755 on the application, I was able to get it running.

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Really enjoyed the update, the character splash screens and overall style is top notch. One comment is that I think the portraits for Autumn need a bit of touch up work with the new skin color - it seems like the old one is still present in errant pixels around the linework on the edges and it makes them feel a bit ‘crunchy’ for lack of a better way of putting it.

Looking forward to the game continuing and hoping we get another bit of weight gain in the next update - I really like that you’re keeping it gradual though, it will make for much better pacing once the game is in a longer state.

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Just finished, really enjoyed the chapter! It was good to see Ingrid added, and the new unexpected character was a welcome surprise as well. This chapter has really kicked open the door for a what is shaping up to be a very interesting story and cast of characters.
The only bug I encountered is with the meat pie, they are not showing anything in the submenu after eating them? Also not sure if this is a bug, but at the beginning of the game before meeting Merc, Archers portrait in the stats menu is the redesign art from the unused art folder.
Thanks for taking the time and effort to make this great game, doing both the art and rpgmaker stuff by yourself is actually really impressive. Unfortunately now I have to face the harsh reality that I have to wait for chapter 3 lmao.


Excellent work, I will see you all again in a few months

Loving the new update! The writing got a ton of laughs out of me xD. I did also encounter that bug though where eating a meat pie on combat didn’t add give me a menu for the new abilities. Also after defeating the second big pie in that battle it gave me the same line of dialog about Autumn powering up.

Just from what I’ve been seeing the submenu not working has to do with importing the saves from version 1. I cleared those out and started fresh, started working fine. On a related note, during the first fight with Black Licorice in Gravelton, Archer already had the meat pie submenu for that fight. Went away after eating bread and didn’t happen for any of the other fights tho. She also had the ability to eat bread and get access to that submenu before the wolf.