Archerquest - Stuffing/Weight Gain/Burping centric RPG

Also I think that’s both of them have the same flag that triggers the dialouge. Best work around solution so far is just wide shot so the mini minis go down, then kill the second big one.

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Love the music choices

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Thanks for reporting all the bugs, guys! Sorry ahout the issues with the meat pie submenu. I’ll get around to working on it soon!


It was a cute little update I do love the artwork because it makes all the character so lively and add to the comedy also add some pop to the battle so they do not feel flat.

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At last, the next chapter of Archerquest!

I’ll try not to ramble on too much, but I’d like to share my thoughts on the update.


As always, the art is phenomenal. I especially appreciate the new character… portraits?

Splash art? I’m not sure what to call it, but the art the appears directly on screen when they’re talking - whatever it is, I like it a lot.

It makes the characters feel animated and lively, even if they aren’t actually “animated/moving”, per se.


I really like all the characters introduced this chapter, but heavy emphasis on the Mage/Ingrid and her aunt.

Every interaction between her and Archer & Merc is absolute gold - I can already imagine the party hijinks between the three of them.

And, as a side note: I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting stuffing content from anyone other than Archer, but it’s a very welcome surprise!

Feedback & Inquiries

1: I loved the side-quests, however I wish the NPCs repeated the next step you needed to take because I have the memory of a goldfish.

For example, for the Cream of the Crop side-quest, I completely forgot the ingredients I needed to collect for Gertrud.

…also, I think I checked everyplace but the field where the ingredients were, but I feel like that’s skill issue on my part.

2: I know this may be a rather complex system, but is the game going to have any sort of “replay system”, a la Some Bullshit?

I’m only asking because I like to hoard all the fetish scenes/mini-games/interactables and I don’t think 20 saves is going to cut it, lmao.

Closing Remarks

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this update, even if it was fairly “small”, it was jam-packed with detail and flourish, and I can’t wait for the next!

…one could say, I’m ravenous - okay I’ll shut up.

P.S. please keep adding all the random interactables, I am deranged and I love interacting with everything


Just finished the update and I don’t think I left my thoughts on the initial release so I’ll give a quick overall praise.

Phenomenal art and great music choices! Characters are really well written and the world building is very fun to watch unfold. There is very good flavors in the flavor text and I love that kind of fluff. Everything included in the new update has me very excited for upcoming content to come. Mage also hits a certain niche that I won’t spoil that hits a special area that I don’t usually see get implemented in media and I absolutely love the interactions she has with everyone.

I can also confirm that there is an issue with the new meat pie addition.

Also I’m just curious, but is there a server for more discussion on this or is this the only place? I wanna be part of the cool people club.


Buckets, I must ask that please don’t understand me wrong I’m just trying to report and giving advice to you for games future. Ok so why did you changed Autumn’s skin colour? I was used to seeing her that way and I thinl she is looking like Merch’s sister now not Pop’s daughter. And another thing in my head I think we must see that weight gain progression after special scenes or episodes for every character (Can gain). That’s all for now thank you for this game again I was so exicited and I hope It will continue for everyone.

This update is super cute, I love Ingrid and Autumn’s dynamic, I hope we get to see more of their relationship in the future.

I noticed though the wg from the first update was scrapped, is that still going to be a mechanic? Seeing the girls potentially get bigger over the course of the game was a really appealing mechanic. I noticed theres a mirror in the campsite, maybe we can use it to check the girls size as the story goes on?


Nice little update. The main quest feels good to keep progressing and I think this feels more smooth until you hit the side quests. They feel a bit more aimless than the more linear main quest up to that point. Might be due to the fact that there isn’t a questlog or way to track the actual quests or objectives. Or the fact that side quests are not present while pushing the main quest as you are going through a town. While I don’t feel it was hard to figure you needed to back track in areas you’ve been. I think the ability to track an objective and/or know the end point of content felt more muddled with no way to track quests.

The art is great and while there are some sprites or images that feel like they have differing levels of resolution or quality due to things like cleanliness or thickness of line work varying between the different sprites, it’s all stuff I love seeing. However, there are multiple instances of the dialogue boxes blocking sprites or images that the player misses out on the full image if not actively looking to hide the dialogue box. And this is not consistent across the game as there are times the dialogue box is hidden for the player automatically to show off stuffed characters states or full images that are covered up by the boxes normally during a scene. It would be nice to have more instances where the game will auto hide the dialogue box during scenes where it makes sense as it would be a shame to miss out on some of the great sprite/image/CG work due to it being obscured.

The writing and new characters are great, and the narrative is interesting. The main quest is obviously a strong point for the game and while the combat is on the easy side, which I don’t mind at all personally, I think it suits the game as the overall combat itself is interesting. The characters work well together and play off each other nicely.

And here’s a list of errors, typos, and issues from my playthrough of this update. Archerquest 2.0 bugs, errors, etc. - Google Docs

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Alright, I finally had the time to play through and finish all the content in the second update to Archerquest. It was really fun and a great time overall.

This is how long it took me to beat the whole game again. (Full disclosure, this number is probably bigger than it should be lol. I kept getting distracted while playing the game)


On to the review, but as always Spoiler Warning for those that want the update to be fresh.

  1. The Mage: I really enjoyed Mage’s introduction to the party. I feel like she’s a great addition in both terms of skills (magic, healing, and buffing in battle) while also being a fun additional member to the party. While Merc finds Archer’s eating happens a bit strange (and maybe a bit annoying), Mage definitely seems interested to push Archer just a little bit more.

  2. The Page: Honestly I love this little goof ball. She’s so proud of herself and yet is the very definition of clumsy. I love her over exaggeration for everything she thinks Archer has done to be a “legendary warrior”. I know I suggested some things for her character, but it’s really nice seeing how she turned out. It was also really neat to see Page was the one that created a base for the group to use. Which also allows as a nice teleportation hub base.

  3. The Main Quest: With this new update we got some more advancement in the main quest. This mostly follows the party heading towards a new town and Archer accidentally creating a new type of pie monster with some teleport crystals (that she then promptly ate with her new friend Mage). I really liked Forty Hyde and the additional world building it provided. We got to know a bit more about the world and now also a lead on Archer’s dad for future content. That lead which came from Mage’s aunt Gertrud, who is shown to be living in Forty Hyde with her husband. Which I guess is a great time to talk about side quests.

  4. The Side Quests: There’s two side quests for this update. One for helping Gertrud’s husband and another for helping the fruit sellers from Gravelton to make some new ice cream. I think these little side quests worked out pretty well and gave some very nice bonus content. I was a little confused during the ice cream quest on where to get the ingredients at first. I was searching through every store and every stall until I wondered outside of Fort Hyde to realize the ingredients were actual flowers I was meant to harvest myself, lol. But I will say the reward for completing the ice cream quest was perfect. I was hoping something would happen with Gertrud and… well it seems she has a very big sweet tooth for ice cream. And I think she’s going to get plenty if that ice cream maker deal works out for her.

  5. The Art: Also I got to shout it out, because I think it’s truly does add a lot to the game. The art in this is really charming and adds a ton of character to the game. Having the full big pictures for some of the bigger conversations really helps to draw a picture of how the characters are reacting while talking. But even when not using the big pictures, the little face sprites are also really well used. The reaction images from Archer are amazing. I also forgot that archer was going to have a slightly different appearance in this update, so it was a bit jarring at first. I definitely got used to it and I think it works for her character, but it was something that I had to get used to after already getting used to how she used to look before.

But yeah overall I really enjoyed this update. Excited to see more of Archer and the gang in the future.


Loved the new update! I played it a little later than I wanted, but it was definitely worth the wait!!

The new characters Ingrid and Page are delightful, I love how well they bounce off Archer. And the dialogue between Archer and Merc is one of my favourite parts of the game, you’ve created such a good dynamic here that they could talk about literally anything and I’d probably be entertained.

This is especially heightened by the incredible artwork as usual, the talking portraits really add boundless amounts of charm to the final product! The character title cards, custom sprites, event artwork, everything here is just a delight visually.

The world building is great so far too, lots of intrigue slowly being built throughout this chapter. And I hope you know I appreciate every random interactable object text you put the effort into writing!

The summoned pie quest was a lot of fun! Love seeing a gluttonous Archer push herself that bit more. Though seeing Ingrid eat the ‘mother’ pie was definitely a surprise. I personally hope she remains fairly reserved with her eating habits and have her gluttonous outbursts be much more occasional, it makes for a more interesting contrast between her and Archer in my opinion!

I noticed a lot of minor changes this playthrough, particularly that Archer gained less weight before the beginning of chapter 2 than she did in the first release. This makes sense, especially if you don’t want her gaining too fast! But I still hope we get to see her size up more down the line!

All in all, this was a fantastic update for the game, and I can tell how much effort and passion goes into a project like this. Looking forward to whatever comes next! And I hope we’ll be able to support it more eventually too!


Just finished the new update and I loved it! My favorite had to be all the new expressions for Autumn and co, those faces were hilarious.

The sidequests were fun too, only a little confusing on where to go to gather the ingredients but after exploring outside Gravelton and the Campsite, it was easy enough to complete.

10 Mutant Meat Pies / 10


I liked this game. It’s fun to play, characters are well written and lovable and the art is awesome!

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I finally got around to playing the update and it’s just as funny as ever. The expanded character roster and their zany personalities lend themselves so well to the multiple mishaps they get into, Page’s introduction in particular was great, slapstick humour is a weakness of mine.

I enjoyed seeing the world’s lore get expanded upon too, the backstory of Fort Hyde and its battles was a nice read. Ingrid’s conversation with her aunt was touching too, makes me wonder what might happen should the adventurer’s travels lead them back to her home land. Sounds like there’s some unfinished business there, to me at least.

I don’t think I mentioned the facial expressions before. I’m mentioning them now. They’re amazing, I love them. Also, you added Club Penguin music. Game of the year.


I wanted to say that this game is excellent! I’m excited for future updates. I did notice a few typos, but nothing too major. However, I do have a suggestion; I think it would be nice if Autumn had a stuffed sprite for a bit after tasting the ice cream. Also, it’s kind of odd that the librarian tells you not to tell Ingrid about how she thinks Ingrid didn’t enjoy the job when Ingrid is in the library with you.
Edit: I just found a bug. If you fail the potion brewing minigame by letting the potion boil for too long, the game is stuck and doesn’t show any new dialogue, nor can you move.


That’s cause you failed the potion, silly. It’s like how when you burn your food while cooking you end up having sleep and tears for dinner because you’re a big dumb baby that can’t cook and shouldn’t be let near a stove ever again


The hard part of a new game is having to wait for it to be made. You did a great job setting up the world, making it fun and putting your own twist and style to it. Not every update can have a ton of WG or stuffing (but really its because the 1st chapter had an epic scene the stuffing in this one seemed tame lol). I thought FOR SURE Autumn would have her chance at the pie big enough to feed the entire town hah

But you’re doing good lore building and making interesting characters. I was wondering if there are more enemies like the burgers will there be a bite/or eat mechanic later on? The hip thrust is a wonder since it’s going to get more effective when she gets bigger so it leaves us waiting to see how it will be utilized 0.o

Still fun game, keep it up, and nice update!

Found 1 glitch, whenever I went to aunt Getrude? I think, the elven aunt from Graven (I’m horrible with names sorry), when I went back out to try to collect the ingredients the game randomly crashed when I went from Fort Hyde to the area vs having to fast travel to the camp, then Graven, then go to collect the ingredients. That worked, but leaving straight from Fort Hype to the collection area caused the game to crash (couldn’t load a .png file for some reason, should have screenshot it).


I succeeded the first time. I wanted to see what would happen if I failed. And I’m pretty sure the game wasn’t intended to get stuck there.


I made some art of Autumn and friends, also featuring the folks from Some Bullshit!