Are there any games about weight loss?

I know this sounds strange, but there are very few games I found about weight loss, are there any more? Please, no RPG’s.

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Shit, wrong category.

Why would you go to a site called “Weight Gaming” and say that its odd that there are few weight loss games here. That’s literally the opposite of the site’s focus.

bruh, is like search cold water inside of the Sun ._.


Well I think there is mainly text adventures that feature possible weight loss (or to be resistant to gaining weight at least).

The one I can think on the top of my head is a massive text adventure on FurAffinity called (if I remember correctly) Untitled Furry text adventure. In that game you gain weight depending on whether you eat in excess, get punished by the enemies, or if you gain muscle to help counter some of the fat you do gain (helps you to carry it more, deal more damage, etc.)

Another one, created by Jerkajerk if I am correct, is themed around Thanksgiving where depending on you choices and actions may lead to you losing or gaining weight.

May take a while to find but there are some that has the option.

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I actually enjoy weight loss - in the short-term at least.

And I’d better explain that before the lynch mob breaks down my door and burns me at the stake for heresy…

Failed diets are sexy. I’ve always found it exciting to see a girl try and fail to lose weight. Or lose some, but pile it all back on. I had a girlfriend a while back who inevitably dieted twice a year. After Christmas, and before we went on holiday in the summer. She’d usually lose anything up to a stone (14lb), but then pack it back on as soon as she stopped dieting. Usually with a little more for good measure. As she wasn’t remotely into gaining weight, to me that was almost as good as if she was actively gaining.

So, while it doesn’t help the thread any (I don’t know of any weight loss games and my own game only touches on it along the lines of the previous paragraph), I do understand some of the appeal of weight loss.


there was a thread about Panic diet, that game seems to be about weight loss

There’s “Consume me”, a biopic of sorts about “dieting and disordered eating”

Seems, interesting…

Damn, missed it >:(
Theres no download link.