Panic Diet! (upcoming runner game)

I’ll just leave this here.

Cute lil upcoming runner game with weight gain/loss


“Your objective to lose weight” - this game isn’t for me.


I think you might have glanced this one over a bit.

From looking at the description, it’s an infinite runner, so no ending there. The difficulty rises as you go longer though, so at some point your gonna gain weight and may not be able to keep it off.


The author took down the DL link…

they made a move to put it over to Steam. Mad lad…the demo might come as a promotional service.

I second that comment

Dawww, the art is really cute, I absolutely love it! :blush:

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OH GOD! CUTE AS FUCK! I’m gonna deliberately fail SO HARD!


Seems like it is finally on Steam, though I don’t see a demo to play.

The sprites and the jiggles are great, but unfortunately the game has weight limits. You start out at the heaviest you can be (90kg) and when you exceed that weight you fail, if you reach the target weight (40kg) you win. The art is good and the price is 3 USD so I’m not going to refund it.

The game is okay if not a bit too simplistic, the spritework is really good though.

I might be missing out on a gameplay element though. Everytime I have coins for the vending machine it starts scrolling through a bunch of items, but I can’t seem to figure out how to actually use the vending machine. I’ve tried jumping, sliding, and just run normally past it, but I can’t give it any coins. :thinking:

with the same button you start the game with.
I thought the “insert coin” button was something reminiscent of arcades.
But it’s the literal function too.


Oh my lord, the different run cycles for the different tiers of weight are so cute :'v


I have managed to get 40 kg!

Here it is for anyone to enjoy (sorry for the possible spam, couldn’t figure out the blur option so had to trial and error).


Forgot to put this in the post above, what does Endurance do? I understand the other power ups (though I think the Calorie Burn doesn’t seem to do much, not even sure if it stacks) but Endurance I have nothing. Maybe I am missing something…

Endurance reduces the rate of your stamina bar deteriorating, and it stacks!

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I have tried my best, but no matter what I do I can’t seem to finish the collection. Hopefully someone here may be able to do but I seem to lack the luck when I need it most. I will list the end cards so that maybe others won’t feel so defeated if they can’t get it.
Here is my favorite the 90 kg to 81 kg result:

Here is nice 80 kg to 71 kg result:
Here is slightly puffy yet enjoyable 70 kg to 61 kg result:
The now barely tubby 60 kg to 51 kg result:

Now while I have these, I can’t get the 50 kg to 41 kg result as EVERY MOTHER FLIPPING TIME I get 51 kg, 52kg, even shooting up to 70 kg in a second without warning. I even had the glorious opportunity of getting five endurances in a row, making me a stamina deity as I am frantically trying to lower the stamina as it barely inches anywhere. This has infuriated me as I enjoy the game but no matter my attempts I can’t achieve it so now I hoping someone out there may have it so others don’t have to grind for such a difficult picture. Good luck and happy hunting.
Edit: Also this girl really doesn’t fit the term fat, even though she is nearly 200 pounds. If her 90 kg result is anything to show, she is actually better off with more junk in the trunk than to worry the addition to her breasts (heck you probably would spend more time looking at them than her gut, and that isn’t at a point where it could cause health problems).


GOD! 80-71 is CUTE AS FUCK! :heart_eyes:
Man, do I want to spoil her, and undo all the exercise she’s done. :wink:

Hmmm? Hold on… How’d you go further and burned more kilograms in the 70-61 result… than in the 60-51 result? XD

It is the randomization that plays a key part, sometimes I can avoid hitting anything until I am half way through the 70’s while other times I am slightly soft locked in 83 kg to 88 kg as the candies keep forcing me to consume at least one per two kgs lost. It due to this is why I can’t seem to achieve the 50 to 41 result as once I usually get there all of the sudden every ground carrot has a candy carrot partner and the air and ground is littered with floaty meat, evil candies, angry ice pops, donuts of both ground and jumping variety that keep me stuck until the burger comes in and ruins the run (if you go far enough you will see “troll” burgers that move slightly to the right, meaning you have to jump later than you should and can be tricky).

Edit: For example I got the 40 kg picture rather easy, in fact it was the third screenshot I took after the first two result screenshots. How I got is that suddenly all the ice pops, donuts, and meats vanished leaving me with barely any carrots to use and candies that were too high for me to run into. I barely got there though as the carrots were so spaced apart that if any of them were candy I would of lost even if I avoided them since there was so little to use.

5 and a half hours just to get this one thing…
Behold the 50 kg to 41 kg result!

Now I can play the game casual like Flappy Bird now, maybe go for a high distance attempt but now I am happy.

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