Are there any weight gain games on "tfgames"?

I just recently discovered that site, and I was wondering if there are such games on that site, since weight gain could be described as a form of transformation.

“Sort of, but not really” is the best answer I can give. That is, there are games that include is, but there’s not many of those, and fewer (tending towards zero) that focus on it.


There definitely are some, though I’m struggling to remember which ones they are. It would be easier if wg was one of the supported transformation tags in the database. It also depends on how broad your definition of wg is; does having a huge bum and thighs count, or do you need the belly too? If I remember right Cursed does, but that’s going back years!


Honestly, looking on their forum is more useful than the database, and even then it’s awkward.

Really, you’re looking at things like Girl Life (et al.) and maybe something like XXXiviliazation, otherwise, it’s basically a case of looking through the Grow tag until you find something interesting.

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Only types of expansions mainly are boobs and ass that are usually limited to bimbo kind. You can search for wg in their database using advance search at

Like the others said: “kinda”.
There’s games with weight gain and other kinks, but honestly 90%+ of the games on the site are focused on either MtF transformation, bimbofication, or they’re just links to games on other sites that everyone’s already played a million times.
I’m sure we/you could look in there and find something for weight gain, but searching for the WG tag is a pain because everyone seems to tag games pretty liberally, so you’d get a WG tag on a game that has one (1) scene where someone ate too much and they say they feel stuffed and burp once.


the pirate’s fate is the only game that comes to mind.

It is a visual novel on steam featuring a wide variety of transformations and weight gain of various male and female characters.

Hope this helps!


Only semi-decent ones I remember were long abandoned, and that was by some french guy there.

One was a quest in a house with magical ingredients and costume parts that allowed you to turn into certain characters, and from there you had other choices for an expansion or fetish addition, several of them had weight gain to them, but not all.

The other I can remember was some game called Level Up, and even then I think there were only two paths that had anything similar to weight gain, and that was with Raven(although that might have been pregnancy), and the other was with Tron Bonne, but sadly it used art from Dark Kaiser, if you don’t know the guy, bad Sonic fan artist, vore fetishist, and has a Rouge knock-off character that they draw all the time called Night. I think the WG pic of Tron Bonne was of said knock-off character, but dressed up like Tron Bonne.

Although, there could have been some WG in the Rouge chapter, it’s been several years since I played it.

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Oh yeah, tfgames! I’m following the development of a transformation game called House of Pandemonium(easily one of my favorite H-games ever) on there. I didn’t even think that there could be games with fat content on there(since I had this site for fat stuff). If I find learn of any games with fat content, I’ll let y’all know!

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Ehhhh, as far as I heard, calling it a “WG game” is being awfully generous. Something more like “a game that has transformations into things, one or two of which involve someone getting fat temporarily.”

I’m not much into TFs, so TFGames is pretty much out of the question for me… :frowning:

I know that Week by Week had weight gain elements. There’s also Trap Quest, which is one of the biggest games on that site, but in my opinion is more than a little annoying to actually play.


I remember Trap Quest.
It was way too obtuse to get into, and even then going for a fetish you’re into is damn near impossible with all the other ones having three times the event triggers.

There’s several games with WG elements, depnding on how much WG there needs to be to fit that. Ultimately, I think the site would benefit from a more useful tag to allow people to find that content.

There’s no way to filter games for WG right now, other than to filter for ‘growth’ and hope for the best. Asking the site owners to enable a fat/wg tag is a good idea IMO.


That would be nice, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. As someone who’s into both WG and TF, I visit tfgames frequently. As far as I can tell, there isn’t enough interest among that site’s audience and developers to make games with WG content.

Although it’s not directly related to WG, I did find another game on there called LifePlay. Its ludicrously extensive character creator lets you make an obese character. It’s a shame the game it’s attached to is not all that good.

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Trap Quest is irritating because the whole game is geared for the purpose of /preventing/ you from enjoying your fetishes, unless your specific fetish is either sissification, forced (random) transformation or plain ol’ MtF TG. Sure there’s other kinks in the game, a whole lot of them, but you’ll end up getting hit by literally every fetish along the way, or you finally find the NPC that does said kink to you, but you have to lose to them over and over again savescumming until they eventually do the one thing to you that you were hoping for them to do to you.


Even as someone who enjoys MtF TG almost as much as I enjoy WG, Trap Quest is annoying to play. Even on the easiest difficulty setting, the game constantly punishes you for reasons outside of your control. Put on an article of clothing? Surprise, it’s cursed. Tried to fight an enemy? Surprise, another one showed up, and you can’t run away. Moved one square? Enjoy this trip wire trap, loser.

I did actually find another game on the site with WG elements: Transformicon. It’s a deck-building game in which you play cards to slowly transform your opponent. It uses Kisekae paperdolls for character portraits. However, make sure to pick the guy with the long sideburns or the orange-haired girl as you opponent if you want to see WG stuff.


I’m trying this Transformicon game, how do you play cards?
So far all I can figure out is how to discard

And I feel stupid, my cards were on top, not on bottom.
I was thinking it was set up like a card game would have been, not in reverse.

Oh~ That card game sound fun!