Are there VR Fat fetish games?

Title pretty much says it all. Was wondering, cause I couldnt find any on a first look

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Not intended to be a fat fetish game but Virtamate is one.

Can be played in VR or just on a screen and it’s basically a sex sandbox? However you can make fat characters and there’s all kinds of sliders to make a desired body type.

You can play for free or you can donate and get access to all the mods and modding yourself. Currently there’s virtually no FA content made for it but I think there’s a ton of potential for sort of fat “skins” and physics type things in there if that’s of any use.

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Yeah, Virtamate is pretty good. As @gettindesperate says, there’s not a great deal of readymade fat content, but it’s relatively easy to modify the existing stuff that’s out there to produce your own. There’s a hell of a lot of user content out there for it too.

It really is a very powerful tool, and you do need a pretty powerful PC to make the most of it.

There’s also VRTitties… VRTitties Team is creating An adult game made in the Unreal Engine | Patreon not as good as Virtamate, but a lot less complex to use and still fun.

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