Are you all feeders or feedees?

Just a little curiosity. When it comes to weight gain games or erotica in general, do you prefer playing or reading from the perspective of a feeder or of a feedee?

Additionally when you play or read these kind of things, if it says something like “you ate the cake” or whatever, are you imagining it as yourself or do you insert a character of sorts?

feeder or feedee perspective?
  • feeder perspective
  • feedee perspective

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Either, both.

I prefer 2nd person point of view in text games. Insert a character.

Male feeder who generally plays from female feedee perspective. I guess because I most prefer the idea of the person eating a lot and either enjoying the gain or intentionally eating to gain, which is easiest to imagine when I’m the one directly controlling the character.

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It’s actually a question that I had to put some thought into. My first instinctual reply to that question was at first, “Why, male feeder of course! That way I would get to feed, cuddle, and rub the feedee lady’s lovely belly. x3” However, now that I’m thinking about it some more, I would actually have to say…either. Both points of view in a fetish story are quite appeasing to me! Like, if I were to wake up one day as a complete female version of myself with a ravenous appetite and ate an entire buffet’s worth of food, then yes, I would love the feeling of having a full and overstuffed, noisy belly. Sorry I could only answer this with a huge paragraph. XD

I am a feeder but I do like to have a woman gaining weight in the first person in stories or games.

Would be a Feeder irl. As for games, I’m basically a feeder regardless, even if playing as a feedee, as it’s by MY input that they eat and gain.

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100% feeder. It’s a weird turnoff when a partner tries to make it mutual. As far as first-person in games, it’s easy to make the mental switch to third person so no big.

Why don’t you just add a poll to the original post?

oh dang, didn’t even realize i could do a poll lol

i’ve added one now

In the poll it miss:
-none of them
-both equally
-depend of my partner.

Personally I am in this last case, I adapt, but practice feederism only on games by roleplay scenes.

really neither its odd cause size does not matter to me im really just a face and personality person but if you were to get a set of twins with the same personality and face but the one was fat i would like her more i think

I see you stole my topic


lol, jk I don’t really care.

Personally, I’d say I’m a feedee, because let’s all be fatties! ;D

You should add a both option for people who enjoy both (like myself for example)

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hehe oh no! im in big trouble

haha, but for real, this was a spur of the moment thought ~

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sorry about that, i didnt even start with a poll. i ended up adding one after a user suggested to do so. so kind of a mess all in all haha