At it again with a poll tier of favorite body types.

Poll is now closed. Forgot to close it three days ago. Was busy with work.

How realistic do you like it or fantasy range proportions?
Do your prefer male or female?

Join the conversation and tell your feelings. Maybe tell a story or two in the comment section.

How realistic or beyond human you like in a person?
  • Fantasy(Proportions are the minds plaything)
  • Very Realistic(Only Genetics and diets can tell what your body is)
  • Semi-Realistic(In the realm of a person shape but with some distortion in shape)
  • Un-Human(Furry, Monster, Weird body shapes)

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Female Body Types
  • Top-Heavy(Booba)
  • Hourglass(Booba and ass)
  • Bottom-Heavy(Junk in the trunk)
  • All-rounder(Fluffy all over)
  • All-gut(Weighs more than your whole body)
  • Only-Chest(Poor Back)
  • Only-Hips/Butt(Fertilely Goddess)
  • Only-Thighs(They save lives)
  • Skinny-Twig(You can pick them up)
  • Muscular(You like a warrior Goddess)
  • Toned(Abs with some definition)

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Male Body Types
  • Dad-Bod(You all know)
  • Girthy-Gut(The girth is real)
  • Lean/Slick(Skinny)
  • Toned(Just enough muscle)
  • Moobs(Male Boobs)
  • Beefy-Boy(Like those strong men)
  • Fem-Boy(Is it female?)
  • Muscular(Can be toned muscle or body builder)
  • Bottom-Heavy(Pear)
  • Top-Heavy(Dorito Shape chest)

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If any writer or artist who is making a game can use these as reference of what people like in a body type of both genders.

Been away from talking on this website. Drifted away as life got in the way. Lurk when I can. Hope this an improvement from the last poll.