Auth0 Migration Happens Tomorrow (1/31)

Good day everyone! This post is to remind everyone that we will be moving over to Auth0 tomorrow (1/31). A few points to note for the transition tomorrow.

  1. When prompted to resign in just sign back in like usual. Your account should automatically migrate over.

  2. The URL may look odd (something like This is normal and and will be changed in the future.

  3. If you have any issues contact us on our twitter, discord, or

If you have any question feel free to ask them here or on the Auth0 Migration Plan post.


We will be starting the switch to auth0 in the next 30mins. Please expect some instability in the site during this time as we try to fix any issues that may come up. Thank you for your patience.

How can I tell if I migrated over? When I signed in a few minutes ago, it looked like the normal log in screen and the URL didn’t look different as far as I could tell.

We are working on some issues rn so we reverted back to the old system till we can test it a bit again. Our test user was failing to bind to their account


We think we got most of the bugs worked out and it seems like most users are getting reliably tied back to their accounts. Please let us know if you hit any issues. Thank you all again for your patience!


I can’t seem to find the new website, is there a specific link I’m missing?

There is no new website, we just changed identity providers