Auth0 Migration Plan

Good day everyone! If you read our Status of the Site 2020 post we are planning on migrating off of our self hosted Hub instance to auth0. We have finished doing our test runs with it and plan on preforming the migration soon here so I wanted to lay out the plan in a little Q&A to get everyone on the same page.

Q: What is the timeframe for the migration?

A: We are planning on starting the migration around the first week of February so some time around the 31st to the 6th. We plan on fully shutting down the existing account server no latter than January 2022, so any accounts not migrated before then will be lost.

Q: How do I migrate my account?

A: Just log in like usual. We are preforming what is called an automatic migration so either logout and log back in or wait till your token expires and you are prompted to log back in. When you log back in your account should automatically migrate over. Just make sure you do it before the 2022 cut off and to make sure you use THE SAME EMAIL AND/OR LOGIN METHOD you are currently using to ensure the forums tie you back to the same account.

Q: What if I forgot my password?

A: Resetting your password should migrate your account over automatically. If you have any issues contact us on our twitter, discord, or

Q: What if I forgot the email I used?

A: Before we start the migration go to your user preferences and look at the Associated Accounts section. It will tell you the email address that is registered with the SSO.

Q: What social logins will you be supporting?

A: We will still be supporting login with Google but plan on dropping Gitlab as we do not think many people used that. We do plan on trying to add support for twitter and deviantart though.

Q: What if I missed the deadline?

A: Hopefully no one should miss the deadline but if you do contact us through twitter, discord, or and we will try to help, otherwise just create a new account

Q: Why are you moving to auth0?

A: Mainly for the main site. Hub was a nice system for being free but is missing some security features we wanted, especially if we will be processing payments in the future

Q: Isn’t auth0 expensive?

A: Yes, with our current user count we will see an increase of $100 to $250 to our monthly operating costs which is why we did not go for it initially. This is part of our growing pains though and as usual any and all support we get on our patreon greatly helps. Also, would like to thank the people who recently joined our patreon and our existing patrons that upped their pledges. It really helps us a ton!

Q: Why such an aggressive timeframe?

A: Its a surprise… maybe (if I can keep on schedule)

If you have any other question feel free to ask them below and we will answer them the best we can!


Internet pro-tip. NEVER forget your username/email and password! Those things are VITAL. Write them down on a piece of paper irl or a text document on your PC if you have to.