Axugaem2 Art Contest, and Ko-Fi Plug

Hi folks! I have a couple of announcements here, both related to Axugaem2 (my fetish-friendly RPG that’s currently in-development.) Axugaem2: Official Post (Ver: 0.6.1)

  1. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be holding an Axugaem2 Art Contest between now and the end of November! Everyone is welcome to submit artwork either via one of the designated channels in the Discord or via DeviantArt/anywhere else, as long as I’m notified so I can see it! Top submissions will be featured in-game in the new Royal Feldwich Rooftop Gallery! You’re welcome to share the attached post anywhere you’d like, and I’m looking forward to seeing all your submissions!

  2. Also Ko-Fi related! As you probably know if you’ve followed me for long, I’m really, really bad at pimping myself/begging for donations, so this isn’t exactly easy for me! However, the past few years have been very rough on me financially, and have made Axu2 dev at times difficult to accomplish without sidelining other, very important, parts of my life.
    I work on Axu2 purely out of passion and commitment to seeing it through, and I’m always rewarded by seeing all of you engaging with and enjoying it, so it’s important to me that I can continue to work on the game and make it better and better for years to come; this is why I’m asking very gently, if you’ve played, enjoyed, been inspired by, and want to see more of Axugaem2, please consider making a small donation to my Ko-fi: because doing so will help me out immensely and ensure I can keep doing what I’m doing! I also encourage you to share Axu2 with your friends, or wherever you think it will be appreciated! Simply referring a friend to the game is a huge act of kindness, and it helps the game grow and receive the support it needs going forward. Thank you all so much for everything you do, and for making all of this possible!