Baldurs Gate 3 overweight bodies mod

Friend of mine made a mod for Baldurs Gate 3 and wanted me to post it here for them, so here yall go! It changes around some meshes and such (i have no idea how that works) but basically gives female dragonborn a chubby bodytype for use in game.

Nexus Link for female bodies: BBW-Chubby female bodies and clothes at Baldur's Gate 3 Nexus - Mods and community

Installation guide:
Open generated.rar
Move folder Generated from generated.rar to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data

Patreon Link (Completely optional):

Discord Link: ChubiModding

Update Log:

1.Chubby Fem dragonborn

2.Fatter Fem Dragonborn.

3.update0.52_chubby_femme+clothes.rar - Google Drive Humanoid female chubby body

4.TieflingFemmeChubby.rar - Google Drive Chubby tiefling,

5.FatterTieflingFemale.rar - Google Drive Fatter tiefling. WARNING! CLIPPING!

6.MaleChubby.rar - Google Drive Male chubby bod WARNING! LOTS OF CLIPPING.


Forgot to upload these with it


Secondary Mod with larger size


its very nice but i have problem with clothes but besides that its great


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WOOOO! The first fat mod in Bauldurs Gate! Congratulations to your friend they’re an absolute hero


In Baldur’s Gate 3 characters and NPC use nude body model and wear clothes over it. So, if this is not full body armor each character who use that body model would have clipping issues with clothes going through body until someone specifically adapt outfit models for new body shape.


i know , just wondering if there is a way to adjust the armours and clothes to the body preset, but i noticed that every mod that tinkers with base naked model has a clipping problem , i hope that someone will release some kind of body slide studio like it was for skyrim and fallout

Maybe after a year if someone really decide to create such tool, but I don’t think this will happen, because all modders going to switch to Starfield in September and forget about Baldur’s Gate 3 modding since Starfield would have modding support when for Baldur’s Gate 3 developers didn’t create any modding tools.


can you ask your friend if he could send the link to the resources he used to make them mod?
Guides, text or videos on how to set it up, get the models and stuff?

I may take a shot at making a fat mod that involves changed clothes too once I get to playing the game aswell. I know a decent techinque to drastically reduce the amount of work needed to change multiple armor sets


You will need this:

Unfortunately I didn’t find any tutorials for Baldur’s Gate 3 modding and modders from Larian Studio discord server didn’t answer on my questions. So, I guess you will need to figure out how to make mods by yourself like I did or we need to wait for someone to create a guide. Anyway, if you are going to change body model and adapt armor then I recommend you to work on regular body type instead of “strong” body type, because outfit models was made to fit regular model and just scale up in the game to fit “strong” body type. I tried to ask people if there is way to figure how to correctly scale up outfit models in blender, but no one answered. That is why I am sitting here without releasing my modification, because I can’t adapt armor for strong body type which I edited :frowning:


I know I’m basic but I’d love to see mods like this for humans, half-elves, basically the more vanilla races


They are in fact working on it

heres some images


I originally wasn’t going to buy Baldur’s Gate 3 because I’m REALLY BAD at turn-based strategy games, but this mod might make me reconsider. :eyes:

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thanks for the resources. Right now I am busy with something else anyway so it may be a while until I get to that game anyway. Good to know that there are “body types”.
By the time I get to the game maybe someone made a propper guide

Big update to it: files for overweight versions of other species, excluding Tieflings

One set of drow undergarments works with this


You should probably add this to the first post so people won’t miss it


considering how big baldurs gate is right now, and honestly my personally low expectations for starfield, i feel like we might see some pretty big mods come out in the future of baldurs gate. maybe larian studios will even retroactively add mod support, who knows


Is anybody able to export gr2 files in the blender 3.5+? I am having getting my chubby tiefling to get formatted properly. I used the added linked addons but no option is appearing in the export, only for import.

You need to install another addon which work on blender 2.90+