Baldurs Gate 3 overweight bodies mod

I figure this is a good enough place to ask. I know there’s pregnant characters in this game, but what I’d like to ask if if that’s a body model with clothes made to fit it, or a clothing model that makes them look pregnant over top of a normal body model.

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Hmm can’t seem to get the mods to work for some reason

So does this only work naked or does the model look like that even with clothes and/or armour

They’re slowly going through and modifying each bit of clothing/armor to fit, with a decently high number sorted at time of writing.


Please make clothes for them all, i wish i can have my dragonkin wife with me and i can feed her all the foods
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Amazing work so far! But I really hope the end goal for this mod has a weight progression in the game as the story goes on


Thank you for making and being willing to still work on the armors and stuff for this mod! Is the largest/larger size for males planned as well? Even if it’s later down the line?