Baldur's Gate 3 Plus-Size Body Mod in development

Developer of this mod just said in response to a comment on one of their posts:

“The mod will use Unique Tav so it only affects the player character, but I think it should be possible to use it for companions using a mod like Appearance Edit.”

The appearance edit mod (as of right now) isn’t supported by the current version of the game but hopefully it will be updated and also hopefully the plus size mod will work with it to be able to make companions plus sized.


Quick update, they’ve updated the model to add more definition and detail


Do they plan on adjusting faces at all? Their work is incredible, and honestly they look like they could tastefully handle it without going over the top

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Another update, they’ve posted a body comparison between the vanilla body and the new one.


I cannot WAIT until this is ready!!! :laughing:

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The mods working for Lae’zel now


So am i still waiting. Because the mod is looking great.

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Was not there already a plus-size body mod in development since September? Chubby-Thicc-BBW female bodies and clothes at Baldur’s Gate 3 Nexus - Mods and community (

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This one is better tho. And about to come out

It is, but it hasn’t been updated for quite a while and nothing has been known about the dev of that mod, and also unfortunately that mod doesn’t work properly in the current version of the game, having many graphical and clipping issues. There is also the mod MBBW body but that mod only affects the type 3 body and it also has some issues.

I don’t know if they’ll also make the mod for the dragonborn races, but at least they have worked on the Githyanki race, which none of other previously mentioned mods has.

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Do they have a kofi or patreon? I want to support them

Doesn’t look like they do

The heads need to be slightly bigger because right now this looks wrong and silly. Not much but definitely slightly bigger

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