Basic Potential Ideas

First question, I assume only weight gain is allowed here not inflation?

Secondly, I have like SO little experience with game stuff but I wanna get into it, so I thought id think up a few ideas to share here, at least that could make for a good starter game.

Simple Pipe Puzzle game, obvious but leads to someone on the side bloating up [or getting fed] after the puzzles are done.

A target practice game, eg throwing food into someones mouth or spraying water… [not as original I know :y]

The typical platformer with weight gain elements… Could be easy.

Or maybe a simple pumping up someone with air, or food just to make em big quick!

Who knows, I just am putting these out there to see if anyones interested in tossing some simple ideas!

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inflation can be done here, but the website is mainly for weight gain, nothing stop you from making a game and showcasing it here.

surprisingly, with a little bit of time invested into some game making program, you could start one of these idea yourself.

(Blue analyser activated) Game maker coding advice
pipe puzzle: selecting using arrow key and equivalent + confirm button; uses variable linked to keyboard_check_pressed, each tile having a set id value associated to them, or instead of variables you use an array (equivalent of a 2d data grid, still need to be given shape

random number generator if the tiles are given randomly, obstacle generated randomly: randomize (true random), and irandom(X) (give a random number with no decimal from 0 to X)

Checking if the flow of stuff goes from beguining to exit, check if object at specific position has the variable that says it is full of said stuff: check all required side if place_meeting (x+/-value, y+/-value), then check for global.variable/array(x/y) = true. once the end is true, fatten, use a goto_room to change the level or write code to reset it following the generation code that was written before.

target practice: either a variable alternating value with a visual strength or aiming meter : if variable =0 { variable_alternate =1}; if variable = 20 {variable_alternate = 0}; if variable_alternate = 0 { variable -=1}; if = 1 {variable +=1}. if variable_1 = x && variable_2 = y {win code!}

typical platformer with weight gain element
I’m the only one making that here currently (other than some stuff that could come out of the game jam)
you can check my stuff out.

Hope you have a great day!

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Ooooh thanks for these, this can help me with starting out! I also have an idea for a shooting gallery type game, involving predatory animals filling/stuffing prey to catch and eat em, so I think I may go with that at some point!

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Just to answer this in an official capacity even though we have a bit of a slant towards weight gain and fat related content we do also support other types of expansions, transformations, and even normal games. There is really no restrictions as long as it is legal under US law.

Ahh yo thanks!! I think if i get into game making ill def try to make my first fat oriented, or at least weight gain related!