Feast of the greedy (A wg platformer collectathon)

Hey you! I’m here to pass a message for my creator Exas4000. I present my person has magrinor. I will be hosting a great feast in my lovely pocket dimension and it seems like you search for more weighty ways to enjoy yourself. Of course dont worry about you gaining weight, this mimic king will provide you with a temporary avatar!

(website warn’s magrinor) What do you mean we can only have ONE image per post… (snarks)
Mara, quite the ravenous little character.1Walk%20preview Has you collect the bubbled meal around my property, she will gain in size, having 13 different state currently, more then likely more in the future.!

But what out all that weight is going to drag you down, and if you dont pay attention you are going to end up immobile or worst, dead. Dont worry though! You can gain back some vigor by improving your stats by giving me back some coins i « lost » allong the way to the feast. Or simply hire an helper from the many littering my citadel.

In term of stats, you got three things to worry about: strenght( to make sure you can walk and jump properly), Stealth (or how well you go around the castle without been openly attacked by my loyal servants) and insight(to help you dimunish the cost of hiring the helpers at your disposition and maybe additionnal effect in the future).

How long the whole thing is? well my citadel is seperated in 9 parts with the ninth being the feast. But its not enough to reach the end, you need to go back from whence you came. Maybe it is easy to go far, but its not worth it if you can’t come back and enjoy your rewards. I will gladly offer you alternate attire once my citadel is up and running.

For now i must tell fare well, and may you have a pleasant stay somewhere this next october when a demo of the game i’m in goes live. any additionnal question shall be answered by my creator.

Farewell, Magrinor the Mimic King.


Well hello everyone, my name is Exas4000, well my user name is and here is the image dump that was supposed to be there with the rest of the images Enjoy!

Magrinor, The main antagonist, forced to help the player

The bloodspawn the first helper in the game! what is better to help you but the very parasites living inside a weird fleshy forest to help you on your quest.

And here is Mara and her 3 first stage of weight gain up to the second level! (well you could reach state 4, but lets keep it undercover for now)

This post will be put up to date in a weekly matter.

Have a lovely day!


Interesting, looking forward to seeing more

Nice! Looking forward to more, as well.

So update #1 8 of september 2018

Worked a little bit on the sprites of magrinor early this week until i had a chat with grot and another person about what i planned in term of programming.

I finished the rough platforming code, so you can jump, move and interact with walls and platforms, so i can teoricaly make the whole game rough skeletton in due time. Next objective will be to code a basic Helper AI and start working on the first ennemi AI. Else visuals of the level will be shown next saturday hopefully.

Have a great Day!MpreviewB

update #2 15 of september 2018

It’s me again! This week has been busier than usual, so its been a little bit slower.
Coding is crawling foward, with the basic helper coding(movement) being completed. the little bloodspawn can follow you around, but no code to unstuck it has been added yet, so if he misses a jump… he stays behind.

From there i should be able to code the first ennemy AI si i have learned from scratch how to even make them check for where the player is.

Here is a few asset made for the game. These could change in the future if they are not good enough to be used has a Ui.

The weight icon has 41 variant to allow a dynamic view of when enough food has been collected.
Speaking of food it is finaly here FoodBubble1 the food bubbles alpha form is now in action. Translusent pink shading will be more then likely added to further the style.

It is all i had for now, thanks for watching!

Interesting so far. If possible I want to see what’s the biggest size one could possibly achieve.

Your strength indicator reads “strenght”.

Other than that, carry on. I look forward to a playable build.

Here is update #3 22 of september 2018

Mainly coding happend The hud is working and the first ennemy, the blood reaper now has 1 out of 3 AI patern mostly coded! he can maneuver around the elevations!BRiddle

Although coding does not stop there. I’m currently tackling a problem regarding a proximity check. The game doesn’t want to acknowledge any code that would activate if something is next to it, if it doesn’t move.

And Fluffrat, thanks for the comment! i do mix up these and this could bite me in the butt in the long run to have grammaticals errors in the game.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Always exciting to see progress. Looking good so far, definitely looking forward to trying it!

And one quick question: what are the food bubbles supposed to be? My guess is pasta and sauce, but I really can’t tell, and it’s slowly driving me mad, lol.

The food bubble is supposed to be countaining
toast, eggs and bacon. Maybe not the easiest to see but if people
still associate it to food, it means i haven’t failed to give the right idea

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update #4 of 29 of september
Doing a quick one since i’m sick. Mainly coded in my free time. i coded the main gimmick bloc and made almost completed the bloodspawn, unfortunately i broke his Ai pathing so now i need to fix it. Hopefully i will complete the code of the game within 2 weeks and i will be able to show case a Demo. Also implemented animation switch for the characters, they are now animated! (at least for the animation done before)

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

update #5.1 of the 6 of october
Unfortunately i was unable to do any progress on my project this week due to it being very busy. But the following week has alot of free time and so any meaningfull ammount of progress will be written during the next week.
I do not wish to push the demo for november, so all core programming used in the longterm should be programmed before them at the cost of the graphics.

Have a pleasant night.

Update #5.2 of the 13 of october

I’m back and on the stretch line of having a fully playable Demo!
Here is a summary of what was done:

  1. coding Magrinor and his coins into the game.
    2.fixing the little buddy AI
    3.starting to work on the bloodreapers animations
    4.making a basic version of the forest

Section one: Magrinor, the greedy mimic king
Well even if he is not complete animation wise, I already had the base animations so he does stand in the forest with a basic iddle going. Interaction with him is possible

A fully fonctionnal but ugly UI was programmed, allowing for the user to exchange coins for usefull stats, this way being overburden by your body will not be an issue quickly once a few more levels exist.

Section 2: fixing the bloodspawn
So by initialy programming in the recruit fonction, i accidentaly made it so he would have both code for movement act at once, including sinking trough the ground becose of a misplaced gravity line. The little buddy got his line of movement fixed and only require to have a few line of code related to movement to work 100% mechanicaly in the future. Although, he is a very usefull way to find bug, and animations seems to reset to quickly, so i will see if i can’t fix that in the future.

Section 3: the blood reaper animation set is crutial for a good first/final opponent.
Well i did not work alot on it, but i mainly tried to have at least some manner of animations for the diferent states of our very dangerous ennemy. And so i shall show at least one of the things i did.BRwalkpreview
The animation and its speed will be subject to change if i don’t feel it right enough.

Section 4. Building the first level’s visual
Well a white background and blue blocks are not what i aim for with the first level’s theme.
Welcome to the crimson forest. you can see it in the first screenshot (still have some coding issue.)
I made basic building block for now, even though i aim for having them animated in the future. But for now this it is not a priority.
treetrunkA treebranchsideA treebranchmiddleA
These are good enough for now, until i have the time to refine the level in a future update of my game.

section 5 :Things remaining to do before the demo
High priority required before a demo
life and death state
Completing the blood reaper
Adding sound

medium priority making the demo cleaner
animation reset fix
fixing the passtrough platform code for their visuals
Level background

low priority can be done later
additionnal animations for existing background/foreground blocks

Thank you for you time and patience! See you all somewhere this october!

Hello everyone! All the base stuff needed to have a proper first level and also, some manners of longterm
code that will help along the way, are now implemented.

I should be able to transpose this into a playable demo this Saturday the 20th of october!
This Demo is more of a proof that i can go far, even if i don’t know how to code or even just draw well.
I hope to complete most of the game within a year, so mark my words! I will work on my little jewel of a project at least until september 2019!

Have a lovely evening :wink:

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I gotta say, this looks real promising! I say take your time on it, and everything will work out fine! Here’s hoping you have a good one!

update #6 of the 20 of october
Version 0.1 release!

Well hello everyone here is the link for the game .exe (have a folder ready for the game since it will install it where you told him to.)


The game is fairly short and some issue/work is still to be done

  • coin counter only counts the first digits.
  • reapeating voice lines in the menu.
  • some textures are still missing to be drawn.

Feedback of the game or of any bug encountered is appreciated.
Have a great time!

Well if you meant the game to be horror as well as a platformer, you hit the nail on the head. a sole unkillable unstoppable enemy chasing you down, the droning low music, the trees that look vaguely like flesh and veins. I feel like this is weightgaming.exe. But if that’s what you’re going for, a great start

So, a few issues…

When running, the player’s feet do not contact the ground.

Jumping over the gray circle on the left side of the map or walking off the right side soft-locks the game as you fall forever.

Not actually bugs, but things I question about the design:

The lack of a “hold to jump higher” mechanic is contributing to the floaty feel of the physics. Here’s a link to a person talking about this exact problem: Better Jumping in Unity With Four Lines of Code - YouTube His code examples are given in C#, but you should be able to port it to GML fairly easily.

Hitting “E” on the little “Recruit” pickup at the top of the map ends the game as you only have the 3 hearts it costs, so we can’t test that.

The “You Collected” screen isn’t obviously a “You Died” screen. This was confusing to me as the first two times I triggered it were instant, running into the gray circle and then recruiting the thing.

The… bacon basket(?)… doesn’t really read as food visually to me. This could probably be helped somewhat with an eating sound on pickup. The enemy does read as malicious quite nicely, but you could use a sound and visual cue to indicate player health loss.

It would be nice if triggering the store would pause the game while you shop.

On the recruitable creature, after spending coins at the shop to level my stats up fairly evenly, the recruit option only cost 1 heart instead of 3. I don’t know which stat lowered the heart cost, but you can get it. Not sure what it actually does, though.