Feast of the greedy (A wg platformer collectathon)



I have figured out through 2 playthroughs of the demo that wisdom is tied to recruitment costs, since I put one point of wisdom on the first playthrough reduced the cost to 2 hearts, so I deduced that it must be tied to wisdom, which was confirmed when I put 2 points into wisdom on the second playthrough and saw the cost reduced to 1 heart.



Hello everyone! I hope you had fun! The few pieces of feedback helped a lot!

Following it the following points were the ones everyone were the most vocal about

1: the controls are too floaty1jumpCPlayerMara
The current system for gravity uses the weight has a variable (greater weight = faster fall) But i won’t mind adding a stomp, has a disabling technique and a way to fall faster for the next update. that way people won’t have to wait to reach the floor when they weight very little.

2: the Bloodreaper is too hardBRiddle
This one i was happy to hear. Since usually he isn’t active until some conditions are met, I still wanted to check early if the current unfinished version of it could keep up and be a nuisance even when the player is at peak performance. In the following updates he will actually start disabled and will be enabled by going back trough the crimson forest

3: fall from the side of the world softlock fleshtopE1
This one was just an oversight from my part. It is a necessity to fix that on any current and future map.

4: Quality of life and general ambiance
minor comment were given about sounds and UI. The voice tutorial alone is somewhat confusing t hear, so an additionnal room with subtitles would be perfect. That way people would know what the heck magrinor is saying and could properly learn the moves and controls if they haven’t already.

Also having missing sound for the player (no footstep), food bubbles(any fitting sound from a bubble,munching or generic ding) and the blood reaper (make him extra creepy). Well these will be added in a near future hopefully :slight_smile:

Magrinor’s haggling shop Magrinor%20iddleA4
The stat system had pretty much no explanations. It is however possible for me to make short description of the stat to be shown whenever you hover over them while buying stats from magrinor. This would also prevent
people from dying repeatedly if they don’t know how to reduce recruit cost. (at least for the one or 2 that ask for HP.

Those are the main part of feedback received for the V.0.1 release. Thank you and see you all next week for a preview of the second level!


Early update since i may be little bit busy tomorrow!
Update #7 of the 2 of november

This week was more about planing additionnal npc that were planned for the game, next week will be all about fixes and coding The second level’s AIs

Trying a few concept for Gruk and the regular guards (currently unarmed) since i have no idea how i should make their guard uniform. The blue guy is an intruder though since he is a sneak peak for a npc for the 3rd level :wink:

gruk%20concept so here’s Gruk, chief of the guard of the second level, The Watch tower
wanted to make a large orc, towering over players and npc alike. Like the blood reaper from the first level, you don’t want to mess with him, but the dynamic should be different. I went for a big pig like aestetic for the face, while using volkenfox has an inspiration for the general body shape.
He was the first to get a concept, but his alternate take on clothing came after the regular guards.

femalegard femalegardC1 femalegardC2 femalegardC3
Those are concepts for the female version of the guards. Curently its very little, being given rather basic leather/ chainmail armor for the first two and trying for a medieval take. Then i tried for a more military design with somewhat of a camo similar to the crimson forest with a more vibrant pink. Those orc have a smaller snout and tusk then Gruk, but still visible while playing.

Nepotraderconcept Say hello to Nepo!
A trapped kind soul, forced to stay chained to a centipede, only by selling all his wares may he be freed from his mobile prison! Nepo will have hopefully a very dynamic shop with various item that could interest the player during their journey, but beware has this mean that you wont be spending the coins into stats!

for those who wishes to know the alpha layout of the level here it is! Lets say that coding elevator is harder than expected, for i made teleporters by accident. Mara seem to be stuck due to this error of coding XD

BrickPreview tiles have been made to help with the decors so we wont be seeing much white in the following weeks :smiley: These have a simple enough design to allow quick variation, like cracks and webs to be added!

Thanks you very much for following the developpement of my game!
The developpement will however be halted during the game jam so expect no updates the 17 and 24 of november. Have a great day :grin:


Update #8 of the 10 of november!
Going to be short and sweet since the free time i got on my game project got put into fixing the elevators (they are teleporters now that works for anyone registered in it!

But also the first draft at a dynamic objective guard AI is underway! Thanks to Heavy heretic for helping me with fixing a dumb mistake on my part. So we got guards that knows how to go about the levels! But i still have to fix a little bit of code since they don’t try to stop at the objective and reset it… but i may know what to fix, and if it works we will have dynamic floor visits.

Next update in 3 weeks due to the game jam! I got an idea called twisted ways! so look foward to it in 2 weeks. :smiley: Have fun!


I don’t know at all if its the right place to do so… or if its just something passing by in my head, i feel like feast of the greedy is just to big for me alone. I got a ton of asset to do, code that react to it… i just suddenly feel dumped. In 2 weeks i almost did all that i wanted for another game, but again… programming AI is above what i can do for now.

I really wish i could just have somebody else coding along side me. I see some code in my head… it looks like it works… but then some unknown error or oversight just make the whole thing come down then i go to the forum/discord for help. But for once, a small project succeeded with twisted ways so i’m asking myself if i should just slowdown the production of feast of the greedy for now and focus on smaller games in order to get the attentions of someone to help me complete my project.

I hope you will all have a great time.

  • work on feast of the greedy
  • work on Twisted ways (game jam idea)
  • work on new smaller/simpler ideas

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Thanks alot to those who voted on where i should put my time. I’m quite happy to see the opinion of the demographic here.I have been working on the game and a side project this week so here is all the info.

update #9 of the 1th of december

So I went and fixe a few things people found displeasing during the demo.

First, pressing the down key while in the air cause you to suddently fall at a medium pace.
Initially the code made you all floaty if you kept pressing the key (an actual concept for an item i wished to put into Nepo’s shop) so i’m quite happy. This should make the game a whole lot less floatier in the first few weight states.

second, added invisible walls to the first level to make sure you don’t softlock the game.

Other than that the second level broke when i returned from twisted ways. Several teleporter stoped bringing you to their assigned waypoint, forcing me to change their code to something similar to Twisted ways doors.
This also forces me to redo the whole code for the guards, but since they are broken, there is no need to worry about that.

Finaly…Music! Thanks to huckleberry bleu for making the first piece of music for my game! A spur of the moment 's melody was turned into quite the retro soundtrack. Unfortunately you won’t be able to hear it
until the second demo, but i hope this will be enough to put the initial tone to my Two faced host :wink:

regarding the poll from earlier this week, i took the time to plan correctly all the ideas i had for the feast of the greedy and also start to work on planing stuff for a more visual novel style type of game. Since cakehoarder’s (Junie’s appetite), Hunger from EHCB/Urgurgurg and Penelope’s chrismas of Cozylad were all emotionnal hits. They touched parts of me I inately cherished. So making a living game but more restricted on code would be perfect. Maybe with an approach similar to Monster prom in term of visual and choice, with potential concequences on future events depending on what happened previously.

I hope you all Have a great day.


Update #10 of the 9th of december

Hello all! Things went smoother than expected, although not has much time was invested into the game has i would have wanted.

I have started to code the guards back up again and went further than their previous defunct code.
The guards are now similar to the one’s in ocarina of time. They will go to where they need to go, wait for a bit and go to a new spot. They work in term of how they manouver the level, unfortunately for me this is nowhere near my vision of the guards yet since multiple interaction needs to be added to their code.

their style is now confirmed, so i also worked on a few things to help me animate.
guarddrawtemplate femalegardC2
(still need to find a way to make clean looking previews -_-)

Next objective will be to make the base version of gruk and some interactible within the level.
Hopefully, there will be a version of him ready down the line, but i won’t be able to sink a lot of time into him until pass wednesday.

Have a great time!


update #11 of the 15th of december

Free time is upon me! This means that, even if i did not get to do much, i should be able to a lot more in the following 3 weeks :smiley:

I was able to make a few asset to make the level more alive! Hopefully, most of these should be able to be used in due time.
frigoA CouchA TableA hidespotA

some of them have a little bit of code, but nothing in working condition yet.

And tried to work on gruk with a new position, i’m not used to drawing sitting fatties. Well hopefully this should not pose much of a problem.

Following week, has for goal to at least:

  1. code a basic version of gruk

  2. potentially make more sprites for him and other npcs from the guard tower

Have a pleasant day :smiley: