Feast of the greedy (A wg platformer collectathon)

Don’t worry about it man, what’s important is that you make a full recovery with the healing and take your time with the project.


Important life stuff

I’m finaly done with the health checkups since the recovery is well on their way.
I will be back to game making in april at the soonest. Next update will be a proper game update.

Hope everyone will have a great day.


Rest up, hope you feel good soon.

I already wait for the next update of this game. I already loved this game and I gave you a like!

where’s the download part?

must have been flooded.

the link should bring you to the exact post of the demo.

hope it helps.

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As a level step, I already obtained all the coins and food bubbles as a level step?

Your sure to already obtained all of the coins and food bubbles as a level step so your’ ok.

ah thanks for that, also what does “flooded” mean on here, was it unable to post due to the number of post being made at the time, or was it hidden by a large number of posts that covered it up?

that tread has gone on for a while now, so the first release is lost somewhere in the middle. I had planned to remake a thread with the second release, but i feel like lack of willpower to get back into a longterm personnal project may cause the link to still be lost to the ages.

I’m sorry to announce that this project will be on hold for an undetermined amount of time.

It is really possible that the game will be completed at one point, but it may end up be less than what i had in mind upon it’s original creation. I prefer to focus my time upon my stellaris mod project, work and studies.

When i come back, i hope that it will be with new info about the game. Thansk alot for your faith in my project up until this point, and have a great summer.

Do you think it’s possible to release what you have done now? Kind of like a unfinished final release?

it is possible, but you will be missing a lot of animations mainly.

at least showing what i did before shifting interest is not a bad thing, but it’s what i tried to avoid initialy

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are you still working on this?

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Sadly no.

But i’m not inactive. Until i announce my return to this project, it is best to assume this project discontinued.

I still try to code in my free time. I am glad that this project was a stepping stone for learning how to properly use game maker studio.

To all of you here, thanks you and keep being creative. :wave::slightly_smiling_face:

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