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Notably Swell Fetish Game(NSFG) is about inflation and BDSM fetishism in a science fantasy world of exploration and adventure. Player characters will utilize aspects of these fetishes to overcome challenges in combat, social, and exploration endeavors.
The PCs are primarily Expeditionaries tasked with finding, exploring, and securing strange locales so civilization can extract their riches. For this, the PCs are handsomely rewarded.



Unamed Fat Game

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I love what I’m seeing so far. The inflation system sounds fun, with inflation stages and stats-based inflation amounts between them. I personally also like the BDSM aspect, which lends itself well for inflation scenarios. And there are already tons of abilities to choose from, providing quite a bit of variety. The category-based ‘class’ system is quite an interesting concept as well.
I wanted to say something about inflation causing the ‘helpless’ effect further down, but I realized that my arguments are on pretty thin ground. Yes, helpless characters have quite little options on what to do, but that is part of the BDSM charme. And while they may not do much themselves, others can use their state in quite a few ways. I love that you seem to thought of this, and made even this quite debilitating condition quite interesting. Kudos to that.

You said it is a rough draft, and you asked for feedback, so I’ll say what I noticed while reading through the document.

  • First of all, the order in which things are presented seems quite arbitrary. For some things you have to understand further up or even further down in the document, leading to quite some scrolling. A good order would be to go from general to specific, starting with things like core stats and combat mechanics, along with the quite central inflation system, then going into character options in decreasing order of how hard they are to change, so species/inherent traits before abilities before gear and items. Going by laying a foundation first and then adding things on top is the easiest to understand a system.
  • I noticed that species traits and inherent traits have quite a bit of overlap. It seems like you are supposed to pick from both lists, which would currently lead to quite a lot of traits to keep track of. Also, the selection would currently be a bit limited in that case. But I actually appreciate the freedom you give with all these traits, they can make for some quite unique characters.
  • The inflation system mentions a critical and a bursting limit, and suggests there is some wiggle room between them. The two prefab enemies also have a single size of critical inflation before bursting. But the ‘Derived Stats’ section only gives one formula for both limits. Are they always a single size between the two, or can you somehow get more (or less) critical sizes for a character?
  • Traits and armor can increase and decrease ‘limits’. Quite obviously the critical and bursting limit are meant with that. But does that also include the mana limit? If yes, I’d mention that shortly where the mana limit is defined, if not, I’d rename the mana limit to e.g. ‘mana pool’ to avoid confusion like this.
  • The ‘Elastic’ trait allows to switch which way modifiers to capacity and limits are applied. Which calculations does that effect apply to? Active and passive abilities? Worn armor? The basic stat calculation itself? It’s unclear where this applies, and may in some cases lead to some quite balloony characters.
  • Apart from the DR (“defence rating”?) to hit a target, there is no indication for how to determine the DC for ability checks. Some clarification or examples would be nice.
  • On formatting: For the abilities, I’d put the time (and mana) they take up into the front as well, so in essence: Categories, time, cost, limitations, effect, e.g. “Runic Sealing: Magic or Fervor, 1 action, 4 Mana, prevent the target from deflating” or “I Want It: Bottom, reaction, every other round or pay a power die, if an ally within 15ft […]”
  • The “XP from overkill” mechanic can be quite hit-and-miss. If you are dishing out much sadism, you may defeat an enemy if the numbers line up right, but only get little XP for the close defeat, or you may leave them on their last breath, just to smack them hard again another time and net huge XP for the massive overkill. Flat XP or maybe a bonus for quick defeats sound like a more robust system. (Had to edit this point, because damage is calculated differently than I thought.)
  • For stacking status effects, it is unclear how many stacks are removed each time. ‘Exposed’ is a static effect and it makes sense that the only removal option takes off one stack, but ‘Reduction’ could go both ways of either lessening after a round or expiring completely.

I know some of these points may be too specific for a “rough draft”, but I didn’t want to leave them unmentioned and forget about them.

With that said, I like where this is heading, and would love to see this system grow in the future. It already allows for some fun stuff, and I’m looking forward to seeing what is to come. I’ll definitely take some time today and roll up a little sample encounter to try things out.


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Wow, thanks for the intensive feedback.

  • Yes, the order is still janky because at the time I was deciding wether the rules or the character creation should go first. I think in a game like this the character creation should take presentation priority.

  • The current plan for species is that they give you some Inherent traits for free, along with some potential unique things. The Inherent list is planned to be much larger than it currently is, maybe a little over a page in length.

  • The Critical Limit is meant to be one size below the Bursting limit but having a wider variation between the two is an interesting idea. I will look into adding a mechanic or ability to enable that.

  • I could have it so armor could be enhanted to add to mana limit, or a new material that raises the mana limit.

  • The Elastic trait is not meant to switch, but cause both modifiers to be made positive.
    Capacity Slots: Base+Body-Inflatability (Minimum of 5)

Critical and Bursting Limit: 1+Inflatability-Body (Minimum of 1)
With Elastic, this would change to
Capacity Slots: Base+Body+Inflatability (Minimum of 5)

Critical and Bursting Limit: 1+Inflatability+Body (Minimum of 1)
I will add further clarification in the document with the next update.

  • DCs are WIP. DR is damage resistance. I will include a DC chart in the next update.

  • Good idea, I’ll do that.

  • The XP mechanic is still being decided on, the overkill one was just the first that stuck with me.

  • That will be clarified

I don’t think it’s fully playable in it’s current state; it’s enough for combat but not much else and hardly balanced besides. I’ll keep working on it but I won’t be able to devote all my game design time to it as it is a side project.

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Sweet! I just finished a little test game, and while I think I didn’t do everything properly yet, it still was quite enjoyable. If you split your party into different roles, you can have a quite effective lineup. But I also think that PvP can be quite interesting too.

For the Elastic thing: Yeah, that’s what I figured. I just worded it weirdly in my first comment.

Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to seeing more.

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Cool! Did any notable balance issues or ideas come up and do the current rough character sheets work?

A few little things. There was no mana limit entry, organization is a little weird, but mostly it worked out.

Also, now I realize there are two things called ‘Dodge’: There is the derived stat ‘Dodge’ and the Inflatability skill ‘Dodge’. I used opposing rolls with the dodge skill for combat in my playthrough. Maybe it should have been the stat instead, so even helpless characters have a chance to get away. The solution would probably be to rename the skill to ‘Evasion’ or similar.

Finally, I am not familiar with the term “damage resistance” yet, so I assumed DR simply means a flat reduction of incoming damage.

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Mana Pool has been added and will be in the new version. The derived stat has been renamed to Evasion and clarified, and DR has been clarified.

Can you send the example character sheets?

Character sheet is updated. It is now highly automated and hopefully looks better.

Game is now updated with most suggestions from Tobias1595. Inherents have been merged with the Racial system. A table of contents, 2 new weapons, and more abilities have been added. I think with the next update it should be ready for a real game once I smooth out the skills. The only suggestion not implamented is the XP one, as I still am deciding on that.

I’ll work on a Discord server soon, maybe sometime tomorrow.

Discord link is up, feel free to join if you are interested.

Update is up. General content update with a focus on adding enemies. Fervor also does stuff now. Skills have been clarified but I’m not exactly sure if they need much else.

I’m looking for people willing to do a one shot playtest.


Update is up. More complex inherents, beginnings of Potions, new inflation mechanics, and some other stuff.

Update is up. Worldbuilding, more Dominant abilities, Overroll mechanic, and the beginning of exploration and nation mechanics. Also probably other things that I somehow forgot.

A oneshot playtest is planned for 7am EST this coming Sunday. Anyone interested? I can do 5pm too, if more people are interested.

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Update is up. Balance changes to Evasion and DR, new abilities, 3 more nations, final armor material(for now), more work on exploration and some new enemies.

First playtest went decently but we spent too much time on the pre game RPing rather than actually testing the game. Even so, Evasion and DR have been adjusted from our findings.

Update is up. Example characters, starting of Wealth mechanics. Parry now actually does something. More abilities, more pleasures. Some work on Exploration. Lore development. Other stuff I forgot.

Last weekend we did not manage to get a playtest together.

The next update is taking so long because my main project is demanding all my attention.

Update is up. The exploration system has been brought to a functional level though it is no where near as developed as I would like. I’ve been feeling like crap the past weeks and it has been inhibiting my design abilities. I would like to get back to playtesting once I’m feeling better to figure what exactly needs to be done next.

Update is up. Lots and lots of changes. Character creation has been slightly reworked due to some stat and item adjustments. Lots of stuff has been completed or added to; Shields, Enhancements, Special Items, Abilities, Enemies, ect. Other things have been expanded on. The Kink Form has also been added to help find a group with similar tastes to yours. This will tie into the post completion content packs which will have additional content.

The deisgn for a fat themed TTRPG has begun. VERY preliminary stuff so far though.

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