BBWW -- A pro wrestling weight gain visual novel (Not Dead)

I have thought of this like a month ago and I can’t stop thinking about it now. BBWW is a visual novel that combines female weight gain with pro wrestling. It’s something different that I don’t think anybody has ever done.

The whole story is that the owner of BBWW who’s going to be like a Vince McMahon parody. Has sent you a trainer to scout out new talent. as you find new women’s wrestlers you have to train them so they can work on their promo and wrestling skill. While pumping them up a bit so they can reach the recommended weight of 400lbs . You can make them go past 400lbs but that will affect their performance in the ring and could cause them to either get fired because they can’t work well in the ring or be used as a jobber which is like the bad ending. It’s not just training and making the girls fat you also can bond with the girls and learn their backstory.

You will also be able to choose what the girls gimmicks are and what there finishing move is. There will be six girls all with different backstories and personalities. Three of the girls will be faces and three of the girls will be heels

I’ve been wanting to work on this but sadly I don’t know how to code and I’m awful at drawing and I don’t have enough money for like drawing computer pad stuff. The best I can do is write the character bios in script for the game. I am super confident in this idea because it’s original and it’s just something different.

This is obviously a work in progress so please tell me what you think of the idea. What I should add and what I should critique.


That sounds interesting. It sounds similar to those fetish management games so I don’t think it’ll be too hard to do.


Sounds like the game that me and a couple of my D&D friends made for the Game Jam Throw Your Weight Around

Our games pretty unpolished though, so you have my full support in following through on this idea :smiley:


Thank you for supporting me

I like the idea keep me updated!

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I like the idea
After all who says narrative and pleasure have to be separate
Some stories can keep their kinks yet still be great

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If any Artist, Writer, or Programmer is interested in this game and wants to help you can DM me on discord. My username is Golden Skull#6327. I might not respond right away but I will respond.

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Hey, I’m definitely interested in this concept. Or moving it forward. I am a bit of a writer and artist, not Toro level but I can hold a pencil as it were.
I do however understand wrestling a bit, had a friend compare me to Excalibur even (he’s a really good commentator for AEW and formerly the indies) for move knowledge. If you need art and help with booking/promo work, I’m your guy.


That’s Awesome :+1:. Do you have a discord account?

Yeah, its NoNeed4Noobs#9381.

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Ok great thank you so much

Okay the friend request has been sent out

Ooh a writer and a artist joins the project, I am curious in this project actually being developed. So lets hope this team will be a successes and is able to achieve their goals. Looking forward to this project in the future

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I can’t wait to have the world of wide women wrestlers in working order, as soon possible. Most definitely not watching GLOW to be inspired.

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This sounds like an awesome idea!

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This is a great idea. The closest we’ve gotten IRL are Nia Jax and Doudrop.