Throw Your Weight Around

Throw Your Weight Around is a wrestling game that me and a couple of my friends have been working on for the Gain Jam, and we’re excited to release it to the public! The premise of the game is that you’ll be in charge of the Glexton Gladiators, a team of college wrestlers, and it is up to you to manage their weights and lead them to victory!

(This should be version 1.2)

@falcon82mm- Head programmer, designer
@jak8714- Lead writer
@Skinny_Guy- Writer, assistant designer, stock image finder

If you encounter any bugs please do let us know


the characters are girls, boys, furries…?

They’re human women. It’s a pretty interesting game regardless of that, though

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The game just starts auto skipping to the next week after week 10/11 for me, you don’t get a chance to adjust the girls diets. (edit: yeah, it’s def something in week 11 that triggers this, my guess is it doesn’t trigger a “reset” and set up for the next diet change interaction and just autoskips to the next week, week 17 also does this) Also the end of week description always says the wrong thing for the action picked, example: it says “maybe she is cutting too much?” even if I have her bulking.

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Ah sorry about that. The games got some weird bugs in it still. If our programmer has time I’ll see if I can have him fix that. As for the “Maybe she is cutting too much”, that’s meant to let the player know that the girl would be doing better if she weighed more, not necessarily what her current diet is

Ah, I see.
I found another weird bug where in some match ups the game will give me a point and said the other team forfeited for weight classes I don’t have anyone competing in, giving me a point when I didn’t deserve one.

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I’ve noticed that bug while playtesting as well, we’re working on figuring it out but thanks for letting us know it’s not just me :smiley:

Great idea, but unfortunately the game is incredibly buggy at the moment. The individual matches are impossible to lose, even when you barely field anybody the matches that should be lost by forfeit end up going to you. I even had a run where in the final round only 1 girl was thin enough to play in any weight class, and I ended up winning that round. As for the overall game, it’s seemingly impossible to win because the game doesn’t keep track of your score. No matter how many matches you win, it says your score is 0-0-0 and you lose the game. The idea is still really great though, and I’d really like to see this game’s bugs ironed out and maybe even fleshed out some more after the game jam.

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I’m glad you appreciate the concept! Yeah we really liked the idea as well, and this was our first ever project. It was fun to test our game-making abilities and I’d honestly be happy to iron this game out as well.

I am the programmer of the game. I just wanted to thank everyone who mentioned bugs here. I was able to get them fixed before the deadline which should help us do a bit better in the comp. To clarify, the bugs fixed include the team record actually works as intended now, and weeks past week 11 shouldn’t auto skip anymore. Working on getting the new game to you


Version 1.2 should be up now

Yeah, an intriguing concept. One that was I looking forward to revisiting when I got up this morning after giving it a try last night. Realising you needed to adjust weights to meet the competition and not just bulk everyone up, gave it a spark of actual strategic management which I like.

Bugs aside, it’s a plus from me! :+1:


The .exe doesn’t run for me :frowning:

Does anybody else have this issue?

Works for me. A lot of Ren’Py games tend to have a long, invisible load time though.

forfeiting by not putting any girls out isn’t working after the 2nd match. It’s just saying I’m sending 0 out as a wrestler and sometimes 0 can win/lose… despite 0 being I assume the variable you meant to cause automatic forfeit…

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Downloaded this game a week ago and didn’t remember who made it or how old it was.
This is by far the most creative use of Renpy Ive ever seen, and the concept is just as fresh. I really like the idea of managing a team of different types of women with weight gain as a secondary part and not always positive. The descriptions for the sizes were very in depth and made up for the lack of art surprisingly well. Figuring out what kind of ratio of fatness to fitness made people the best and then having to balance all of the different weight classes added a surprising amount of replay-ability for me.

I think most people would probably disagree but I think its way hotter when women get stronger as a result of weight gain rather than weaker and wrestling is probably one of the best ways of exploring that concept in game form.
That said, the only thing I felt this game was missing was “muscle” as a third axis between fatness and thinness, and maybe some sort of “skill” stat, so it wasnt just dependent on finding each wrestler’s ideal weight.
The second only thing I had a problem with was it was kinda un intuitive to assign wrestlers to things and I think it would be a whole lot smoother if you could just drag wrestlers from the list to their class. Also a way to see what kind of diet a wrestler was currently on via an Icon next to their name would have also been really helpful.
I think this game has a ton of potential, even if it never got art or animations, just because its a great concept. Some simple art and animations could take this to the next level though.
Hope you guys stick with this one :+1:

As for the bugs Im having the same issues most people have already mentioned with enemy teams losing to non existent opponents and also sometimes assigning a wrestler to a class wont actually assign them and you have to do it twice or manually remove them from wherever they were previously assigned. Also had an issue where even if a wrestler ended up worse off because of cutting or gaining weight it might say “X is killing it at practice today” right before I see them drop a whole star come game day.

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We’re really glad you enjoyed the game! And as the man who wrote the descriptions an extra thanks for your kind words in that regard :smile:. It makes me happy to know that my writing is actually enjoyable to some extent lol.

As for the bugs, yeah we do have A LOT of them :sweat_smile:. We were learning how to make a game as we were developing, and it was a miracle that something at least semi-playable came out in the first place under such a crunch :joy:

And I guess as a general update me and the rest of the team have all been pretty busy handling various IRL things, and so while I hate to disappoint you and everyone else work on our game has gone into a state of limbo for the time being.

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Hey man, that happens, everyone’s got lives to live. Its really good for a first game though, hope it gets built on, and I hope you guys build off of it and make more stuff.

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I tried downloading it today, winrar just cannot locate the file

Sorry about that. I redownload and unzipped the game myself from a guest account just now to test it and everything seemed to work, and unfortunately I don’t know how to fix your issue