Bellymod devblog (current)

It’s been long overdue since I recreated my dev thread.

I hear you ask:

“Where is the update!!! What is taking so long!!!”

The answers are “on my hard drive” , followed by “life and the novel I’m writing have to come first unfortunately”

Things have been getting done at a trickle as free time allows. I won’t talk about that anymore.

This next update I’ve been working on is an ambitious one designed to make the world of the game feel a bit more alive and less like you’re just one person in the game world. What have i been working on?

Randomly generated NPCs (in progress)

  • Characters(including the player’s proxies) are generated with random traits, hobbies, fetishes, and personalities(Mostly done: needs tweaking and balancing)

  • NPCs are generated with random jobs(done)

  • NPC’s make money at work. they also spend money on their hobbies(Partially done. Right now they only spend money on drinking, eating, overeating… That’s it.)

  • NPCs wander around the world and show up in places according to their hobbies and jobs (mostly done: need to tweak everything and i need to make them show up at their places of work.)

  • You can enter conversations with the NPCs (done)

  • Conversations options with NPCs based off of the proxy’s and the NPC’s stats, fetishes, hobbies, and traits that gives varying texts based off of their personalities. I’ve actually cut back the amount of hobbies a bit to make it easier to write all the stuff(like 25% done. This is the majority of the work for the update)

  • Ability to influence the NPC’s traits and what not (Tied to dialogue, but as it is now you can get an npc to gain or lose weight through repeated conversation items)

  • Sex and feeding with NPC’s (not started requires more conversation stuff to be finished)

  • An options menu to tweak setting for this update (number of citizens to keep at a time among other things)(planned)

  • Special NPCs with a low chance to generate. They have focused traits and should have some bits of unique dialogue. (Started. Only one done right now: a massive bellied nymphomaniac. Might only ship the update with one. Due to her size of course.)

  • NPCs despawn over time if they’re not interacted with. People move around from place to place, it makes sense that the townpeople would change in composition over time. Special spawned npc’s above do not despawn by default. I plan to have a setting for you to mark other npcs you like as special(done except for the settings)

That was a lot of stuff huh? But wait, there’s more!

New places

  • There is a town by the sea. Seatown. It has new shops and places for your proxy and NPC’s to hang out and buy things.

  • There is the pretentious bistro: Champs De Ventre. You can buy fatty artisanal food here and will find food fond NPCs eating here.(mostly done including new foods)

  • There is the pug: Der Bierbauch. It’s mostly a place for characters to drink. I don’t really have anything planned for drinking mechanics. I still need to make some beverages you can buy there too.(50%)

  • There is the massage facility in the redlight district. They claim to specialize in satisfying their customers to 100%. You can get a massage (improves mood) and you can get an industrial sort of funnel feeding. Additionally, you can use their services to purchase some of the new fetishes for a cost.(70%)

  • A reworked brothel. The location hasn’t changed but instead of being told to serve one client, you get a list of random clients to choose from with a brief description of them. Don’t want to service fat clients? Don’t. Don’t want to service females? choose the males. In addition to the random clients, Any NPC with the hobby: sex, can show up to be served at the brothel.(mostly done. Need to add personality and trait based dialogue)

But what else do you have planned?

Reworked content

  • Due to the new trait / fetish system I’m reworking the casual talk content I’ve made. Because i haven’t done that enough times. It should be much more encompassing now though (split to address fat, pregnancy, implant, and stuffed bellies differently). The belly casual talks have a ton of new content already and I’m not even done)

  • Fat belly casual talk. Oh man this is a lot. It keeps track of gains and loses and comments based on weather they like fat, want to get fatter, or don’t like it. (done)

  • Stuffed belly casual talk. Comments of fullness level, and on different stomach capacities, and has different attitudes if they like fat, want to get fatter or don’t like fat. Proxy’s with huge stomach capacities comment on it too. (done)

  • Pregnant belly casual talk. (partially done. Comment on the belly portion is done. Need to add comments about the pregnancy aspect of it as well as cross over comments with weight gain. Stuff like “Come on feed me. I need to make sure these babies are a fed as they can be. I’m eating for 2 after all. Of course i want to get fatter”)

  • Implant belly casual talk. Will be very straight forward(Not started)

  • Mixed belly casual talk. Right now if one source of belly has 60% or more of the volume it uses the relevant templates above. But it’s easily possible to have like 20% of each above. These will be events for that eventuality with a menagerie of “make me fatter. Knock me up. Feed me!” comments.(not started)

  • Breasts casual talk (not started and may be put of to a later update)

Anything else?

The scraps

  • Re did the way contracts are set up. This has taken a lot of finagling

  • Proxy’s no longer leave after 1 bad day. If their mood is below zero, and they’re in the house for a time you will get a pop up that they’ve had a bad day. this will increment a hissyfit counter and if that gets too high then they will leave. Works the saw way as getting knocked out too many times. (done)

  • When a proxy does get fed up and leaves, instead of evaporating, they get put into the list of NPCs and wander around with them doing things.(done)

  • I want to make it so if your proxy leaves you can talk to them and re-recurit them or at the very least, get important quest items from them. (not started)

*additionally you should be able to recruit towns people. This may be put off for a later update focused on the agency though (not started)

  • Children growing up in the house with other proxys will learn traits and hobbies. They also will have a chance to learn hobbies and traits from their housemates. They also have a chance to develop a fetish based on their house mates (having a lot of big bellied proxys is likely to make them develop a belly fetish. There is no sexual content around this. It happens in the code only.) (50%)

  • Have idle proxys participate in the random hobbies they have. This is a stretch goal (not started)

  • Improve the display of some stats. The appearance menu now lists skills, traits, hobbies and fetishes for the player to see. (Done but I’m always looking for low hanging fruit like this.)

  • New events in other places. I’ve been trying to add additional events to make the game more fleshed out. I’ve added a few to the fetish cafe. One where an empty bellied, gainer proxy can search the kitchen for fatty foods and another in the second floor where a fat proxy can have a customer ask them to exaggerate their weight for them. Reluctant proxies will try their best and get a bit of a tip, while gainer, and fat loving proxies with really ham it up, get a good tip, and leave work with some fatty food in their belly. There are other smaller ones around as well. (always working on)

  • Oh. Small thing. I added a day counter. Now i can reference what day of the week it is. I also have it set so that all the NPCs have weekends off so you can still encounter NPCs that have weird work hours. (done)

Whew, that’s a list isn’t it? I’m sorry it’s been taking so long but it think it will be worth the time. Its the biggest update I’ve bitten off so far but i think it will make the game shine some more. The system work is pretty much done, and all that remains is a ton of content to write. The next update after this i have planed is a remake of Myre’s fattening line.

[Link to current released version. (contains none of the above content)]Belly Mod release(current as of 7/1/2017)(combat and office patch))

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I took some screenshots to tease what I’ve gotten done so far.

Here is an example of the new client list for the brothel.

Here is an example of the generated text I’ve been working on. The option that gave this was the “brag about belly” option.

Here is the same choice except the proxy is fatter, not a pregnancy fetishist, is a gainer, and has a more open and playful personality. Also the person they’re talking too like bellies instead of being someone new to the whole belly thing.

Take care!


It sounds like you’ve made a lot of progress, and that all sounds awesome. Of that, I think I’m more interested in the NPCs, casual talk, and interactions with the proxy than the locations, at least in the immediate term, but maybe I’m weird like that. New systems more than just new content. Mid and long term, I’m excited to see all of it.

Have you considered just wrapping up everything you’ve got done now, and everything that’s almost done or can be finished without too much time+effort on your part, and release that as a quick update. And everything that’s not as close to being done, or would take more time+work to finish up, or stuff that’s waiting, dependent on stuff to be in the first release: all of that gets kicked down the road to some future update. Or split it up by feature set: NPCs vs New Location vs Rework + Scraps.

Gotta watch that feature creep, and infinitely extended deadlines, especially when working by oneself. I know, that’s where most of my hobby projects fail :wink:

Gotta watch that feature creep, and infinitely extended deadlines

Don’t i know it XD

But honestly I’ve kept pretty close to what I set out to make. It’s just that what i set out to make was really big.

I have considered partitioning stuff and making smaller releases, but there are features of the new trait systems and what not that tie in closely with the npc system and taking them apart loses something i think. It would also take a bunch of work that i would rather put towards finishing things. The new locations and traits are all in service to the NPCs pretty much.

I’m really excited with the NPCs system. once all the content is fleshed out it really opens up the road for other cool things in the future (like dates, relationships and what not. No promises there, just saying it’s something I’ve thought about)

Glad you’re excited about it though! I am too!

Wanted to post a quick update and a story.

I’ve been slowly pecking away at more dialogue stuff. On a whim i redid the belly rub event during sex. I thought that it was a waste to make all these personality changes and not have it at least come up in sex. I love bellies. I would be remiss if they were neglected. So now you get a little bit of personality based dialogue when you rub you partner’s belly. I might go back and take a pass at the belly smothering as well, but for the moment I’ve completed that whim and moved on. Right now i’m making an even where you offed to forcefeed/stuff an NPC.

You can come at this event fro ma few ways. You can access it at any time if you have a feeder or fat admirer proxy. Or if you got the NPC to agree to feedings through other dialogue, you can access it as well. Using it shows some dialogue from both you and the NPC. The NPC kind of talks to them self explaining some of the pros and cons, then decided whether or not to go through with the display of gluttony.

So i was doing an initial test of the script for if an NPC doesn’t have any fat appreciation traits (so they’re far less likely to accept the invitation. So i find a random NPC named kayla. I introduce myself, and immediately suggest stuffing. and she responds with this patched together dialogue:

“That’s a weird thing to suggest. Let me think about it… I hardly even know you. It sounds like a good time. Lets start.”

Apparently Kayla is down to get stuffed by like anyone any time. I might have to tweak the number a bit! haha!

Another update:

Been chugging away adding more flavor dialogue: NPCs talking about their job and hobbies. They have a choice of like 5 random lines to talk about their hobby or job as a base. I plan on adding more (especially when there is room for fetish stuff to be talked about. For example a soldier who has the job of soldier will already comment on their belly if it is big. I thought that was an interesting topic. An interesting juxtaposition.

Another thing i did tonight was reorganize file structures. Specifically for items. Unless you look under the hood this will not be very noticeable. I moved things into sub folders so now all the food items are in the food folder, et cetera. As a consequences, i introduced a minor save bug. Nothing world shattering, but events that check for having a specific item, will not register you as having that item if you obtained it in an earlier version. If the item is food, you can still eat it just fine, it seems, but it might have a weird effect with some quests. It’s a pretty minor thing though, so don’t worry.

One last thing, I implemented a very simple drunkenness system. It’s not very simulationy like the rest of the game but i did not care to get into BAC calculations and what not. For each drink you consume some of your stats are temporarily changed. Your lewdness, closed vs openness, strength, and charisma are increased and you dex decreased. I might be missing something too. Anyway, this effect scales linearly with the number of drinks had. Over time the alcohol is processed. It decreases at 1 drink per hour. It’s kind of hacky but it should add some kind of depth. basically if you drink 5 beers then you will get all the stat benefits/penalties at once and they will slowly decrease over time. You will be able to offer npcs drinks. Getting them to drink enough may make them more likely to accept things by making them temporarily more open minded and lewd. This was a whim thing, but it’s already done except for some content around it (that would have felt like it was missing without it honestly.)


Man, you are torturing me. You keep telling about awesome stuff, but there still no update :3
You are doing the great job, it’s nice to hear news from you

Is there any way to beta test this WIP version?

Nope. It’s not really in a place where beta testing would help me. The holdup is on me making content: getting all the lines written. The systems are in place and just need to be fleshed out.

Would you accept help in writing the content?

Unlikely. Ther’d be concerns over matching style, getting them to figure out the way i have things structured. And then they would have to be someone i trusted as well

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What do you mean you have to trust someone first?

I don’t trust random people to help me with my projects.

Why don’t you trust random people to test out your projects?

Because random people are unreliable

Unreliable how? Like are you worried they won’t give feedback or what?

When someone is offering to help test a game what they want is to be able to play it. And what i need from a tester in an early stage is an eye for detail, and a willingness to do boring and repetitive tasks so that i can fix bugs and what not.

Random people and not the kind of people willing to do that kind of work. Typically it’s some combination of:
-no/limited/bad/unrepresenative/undetailed feedback
-No or low responsiveness
-Untimely feedback
-Extremely biased feedback (like the game doesn’t fit their preferences)

It’s not that I’m worried about it - it’s that I’ve experienced it with my book project and beta readers for it.

Truth be told that i haven’t had the motivation, incentive, or desire to work on this projects for awhile. I have other fetish projects I’ve been working on along with non fetish projects.

But i will offer advice to people offering to test a game for someone: You don’t need an indev build of a game to help test a game. Go though already released projects and find bugs (and provide detailed reports on the circumstances that you found them in). Go though and find typos and mark where they appeared. Provide detailed feedback on the game. Say what you liked and what you didn’t like and then be detailed as to why you felt that way about it. What mechanics added to this feeling.

If you go out of the way to provide a service for a developer, they’re going to be a million percent more likely to ask for help testing in the future.

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But the more people you have test it, the more likely you’ll find people who are able to give usable feedback.

Its up to the dev to decide if they feel this is going to be helpful or not helpful. I see the sentiment a lot, and if we’re all being honest, its not coming from a place of wanting to actually help the development 9 times out of 10, its coming from a place of wanting to get access to new content faster. And that’s setting aside the fact that this started with a discussion of helping produce content for the game, not testing it. Most devs aren’t too willing to give up the reigns to randos on the internet, especially since, much like the previous point, many of the aforementioned randos are just doing it to get their fantasy fetish content into a game without doing the hard work of actually making a game.

Is this all very cynical, yes, yes it is, but be honest with yourself. Do you actually want to help someone else create their game, or do you want to add your own page to someone else’s book or get an early peak?

Haven’t you heard of casting a wider net? And yes, I would like to help him.