Belly Mod release(current as of 7/1/2017)(combat and office patch)



Since the old thread was lost I’ve finally gotten around to remaking the post for the most recent version.

This is the release from last year, not the newest one I’m working on.

If you’re using a version of my mod more recent than the 2nd image patch you should have no compatibility issues.

The main draws for this update were a re done combat system.
-You can target different body parts of enemies for varied hit chances and damage multipliers.
-Enemies and players can take a few actions in combat. Enemies have special attacks they can use that are telegraphed. you can choose to use a defense action to defend against them or choose to attack to end the fight sooner.
-Fighting is tiresome. As your proxy and enemies fight they get tires. If they’re tired they’ll have a harder time hitting. You can choose to wait a bit to restore soem tiredness (but open yourself up to attack), or you can consume some food or drink to reduce your tiredness(but consuming calories and possibly lowering your stats because of your slightly bigger size.)
-Additionally i created the first part of a dungeon where you can fight a new enemy a slime(which can fill your stomach) and where you can find some new loot and a bit of story.

One of the other main draws of the update was the addition of an office building. It offers a way to make money for males and females who may not want to go into a sexual trade yet. Features a fat character Anna as your boss who you can do things for to get an increased pay rate.
-With a good relationship, high lewdness, and decent strength a relatively skinny male proxy can unlock a repeatable longer form sex scene with the boss.
-With a good relationship, female proxies can indulge the bosses love of weight gain by gaining themselves to get higher pay.

There is now also a mall where new foods and other services can be found. You can dye your proxy’s hair or visit a gym to slim them down or teach them to fight better. if you want to fight monsters it will be a good idea to train beforehand.

Download here!

For reference the previous version can be found here.

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Bellymod devblog (current)

what this game mod…


It is a mod for the simulation game Fetishmaster:


Shall I ask where this dungeon is?


In the old city. It’s one of the old buildings